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The Accursed Politician Of Ilorin



Bukola Saraki was born with a silver spoon to the patriarch of the legendary Saraki dynasty. Chief Olusola Saraki, the patriarch, was a medical doctor by profession before he switched on to politics under the NPN and clinched the senate seat from Kwara State.

He rose to become the senate leader and become the most powerful politician to have ever come out of Kwara Politics. He mentored his favorite son, Bukola, to follow his footsteps to the letter which the young Bukola lived up to the fullest expectation and even exceeded. Bukola filled his father’s shoes by becoming a medical doctor too and was also two time governor of Kwara state and went on to supersede his father in the senate to become the senate president in 2015.

Before his death, the Senior Saraki, cursed his most beloved son and heir “As you disgraced me in politics, so shall you be disgraced out of politics” and like a biblical prophecy it came to pass on the 23rd of February, 2019 as Kwara people hemmed down a brutal defeat at the polls on Bukola’s bid to return to the Senate. At last the most notorious politician of our time has met his waterloo by the same hands that propel him to political prominence for two decades.

Love or hate him, Bukola Saraki is one of the most cunning, dexterous, scheming and conniving politician of our time. One of the reasons for the grouse with his late father arose out of the older Saraki asking Bukola to anoint his sister Gbemisola to succeed him as gubernatorial candidate in 2011. In a hypocritical way, he told the father it wouldn’t look good for the family to be imposing themselves on the electorates and Saraki senior, knowing the antecedent of his son, suspect’s sibling rivalry from his body language.

Bukola was adamant in crossing his father’s wishes and succeeded, thus earned the curse of the father that sired, loved, mentored and sponsored his political career.
Bukola, not content with his father’s curse, earned a greater one a few weeks after the 2015 general elections.

This time around it was the curse of generality of Nigerians, especially his constituency by foisting a coup de tat against the newly elected government of Buhari. As the president assumed a neutral stance on the election of the senate leadership, in his effort for trying to institutionalize true separation of powers between the legislature and the executives, Bukola and his conniving APC senators with the opposition PDP foisted himself as our senate president and a PDP man as his deputy. Unknown to him, Bukola had dug his own grave in Nigerian politics from that day.

Bukola’s road to perdition had claimed untold collateral damage to the Nigerian polity, politics and anti-corruption. The 8th Senate under Saraki had been the most inglorious of our history. Despite APC having majority, it is the first time I know of a chamber that fought its executive at every turn. For the first time in history The Federal Government budgeted over 6 trillion but since 2016 the budget languished at the not-so-hallowed red chamber in an effort to undermine the Government.

It was on record, the 2018 budget spent 7-months with the legislators, simply because they no longer have the power of padding the budget, a system that was unknown to the public until the emergence of Buhari. As punishment to the Government and its people, the 8th Assembly deliberately delayed the passage of the budget. Fights, for the sake of fight and frustrating government’s effort, was picked against people like Ibrahim Magu, who on a record two times, was rejected for confirmation by the senate.

In late 2015 the Federal Government took Saraki to CCT for trial on corruption case, the trial that I coined a show of shame by the legislators. At one point some 80 senators abandoned their duties to escort Saraki together with an array of 66 Lawyers. Eventually, as recent even indicates, Saraki bought himself off the case through the supreme court on technicality.

Towards the end of 2018, Saraki led several senators to abandoned APC and defects to the opposition PDP with the belief they could repeat the feat of 2015 where he and some governors left PDP for APC, which helped in bringing down the PDP as APC cruised to victory.

“The evil that men do…lives after them” according to a popular saying but I think there are some people that God wouldn’t wait until then before unleashing their iniquities to catch up with them at their prime. Bukola Saraki wrecked the economy of Kwara State, siphoned its fund, destroyed a financial institution, institutionalize rigging and corruption, reduced a hallowed chamber to sycophants, he is an embodiment of greed for power, wanton corruption, political deception and arrogance.

He was blessed by God but became an ingrate to that God, he was trusted by his people but he betrayed the nation, alas nemesis had caught up with Bukola and he fell in one swoon to be buried in eternal shame. Baba Saraki in his grave, I believe, will be smiling from ear to ear or perhaps laughing and they say “He who laugh last, laugh longest”.

Join me in, not mourning for Saraki, but celebrating the power of the most high God…who gave power to whom he likes and taketh it away as he deems fit. What a better time for the hand of God in dealing with Saraki?
Adious Bukola Saraki…and for GOOD.

Ali Abubakar Sadiq

Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.



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