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In Search of our LEE KWAN YEW



By Ali Abubakar Sadiq

With the 2015 elections results trickling to INEC Headquarters, millions of Nigerian had a sigh of relief after the Orubebe dramatics that suspended the breath of the nation at the brink of a major catastrophe that left many beginning to believe the doomsday prediction of the Americans of Nigeria disintegrating that very year.

The singular act of unprecedented patriotism exhibited by Jonathan to congratulate Buhari even before the result of the last state was announced had indeed saved Nigeria from plunging into an apparent civil war.

Many of us thanked God for accepting our prayers and making our votes count as we look forward to our own LEE KWAN YEW in the making.

Lee Kwan Yu, had been the father of modern Singapore as he lifted her up from the bottom rung of the third world to the coveted class of the first world.

Seventy years ago, Singaporeans doesn’t have water system toilets and their per capita was among the lowest in the world.

Today we are looking at a country that doesn’t have any natural resources but becomes one of the leading financial centers in the world.

Thanks to Lee Kwan YEW who made it possible using three simple policies abbreviated as MPH. MPH stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. How does it work?

Meritocracy as applied by Lee Kwan YEW simply means that in order to any nation on the path of development, the strict rule of making sure that only the best people rule, is cardinal. Nepotism has no place in a meritocratic rule but it has taken root in our nation.

Buhari’s first mistake was his failure to change this ugly habit that permeates every facet of our lives. His second cabinet appointment has been the worst seen in the political history of our nation.

Beside bloating the figures of nominees to a record in history, there isn’t a single person appointed on merit alone. Some are septuagenarians that are taken out of retirement with nothing to show in their past to demonstrate selflessness or patriotism.

They are spent force concerned only with maintaining the status quo that gave them undue advantages.

The second cardinal principle in governance towards development according to Lee Kwan YEW is pragmatism. To him pragmatism is akin to two cats, one black and the other white, but their color should not be the yardstick for you to take them into your house, rather their ability in catching a rat. Whichever performs better, is the one you adopt, period.

This kind of pragmatism is a million miles away from Nigeria’s way of doing things. We are a people that always brandish zoning system when it comes to vying for the presidency.

The North and South divide has become a second skin to us, and even in our states you easily hear the clamor that some parts had been producing governor it is now our turn. Our own Lee Kwan Yu has also failed in that regard.

Thirdly, Lee Kwan YEW said the remaining pillar in the tripod for development is Honesty. When he announced his cabinet, the first person Lee Kwan Yu sent to jail was his minister, simply because he went on an official trip with a business man who paid for some of his expenses.

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On returning to the country, the minister was arrested at the airport and when he asked Lee Kwan Yu what was his crime, he told him by accepting the gratification from the business man he has opened way for corruption. Corruption is the cancer in developing nations and it has been killing us slowly but steadily.

Our expected Lee Kwan Yu also failed, and woefully at that, in punishing corruption. For two years the case of former SGF dragged, even after being indicted by a presidential panel. With all the billions of corrupt money the government has been seizing not a single person was behind bars.

The Chief of staff was accused on a live television program for weeks on corruption besides the rumors of accepting bribes from some multi-national companies, instead he seems to be waxing stronger in the corridors of power.

If our candidate has failed in each of the three cardinal principle, tested, trusted and delivered by Lee Kwan YEW in uplifting Singapore from the third to the first world…do we have any hope? I think we have no choice but to be PRAGMATIC and tell ourselves HONEST truth and stop deluding ourselves that we should continue to hope our Lee Kwan YEW is going to come in our lifetime through MERITOCRACY. Bye, adios, ciao…sai watarana MPH.

Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.



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