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Drama As Poly Security Assaults Aged Woman Over Cashew Nuts



A member of the security officers in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, whose name has yet to be ascertained has assaulted an old woman in the school premises over cashew nuts, yesterday.

Despite the binding rules and regulations that no one must wrestle in the school, the security officer assaulted the old woman with a dried branch of a tree bringing into mind “domestic violence.”

In a wee conversation with the NEB Journalists, the officer said he thrashed the woman because of the cashew nuts which have been what some random people within the school premises picked up often despite them being warned.

He said this led to his instant reaction of him when he caught the old woman picking up the cashew nuts, again.

In his words, “I have warned her several times to stop entering the school surroundings as a hawker but with different motives of plucking ripe and unripe cashew nuts.

“There’s no one that will pack the remnant of these cashews with which she might have used to dirty the environment and this will bring mess to the institution at large when the school milieu is not clean and tidy.”

Moreover, there are other hawkers yet on the school premises.

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Furthermore, the aged-woman spanked told the NEB Journalists that all what the officer said was a lie, reacting that she has been picking the cashew nuts with the consent of some members of the security officers. Added that there were some agreements between her and the security officers on the cashew nuts.

She said, “I have been coming here to pick cashew nuts as there are some agreements between some of the security officers and me regarding the nuts. In fact, they usually sell nuts for me, I buy nuts.

“On Thursday, that was how he had took me to his ‘oga’ in office and they eventually told me that if I see any cashew I want to take for myself to chew, I can. I never see him before. I don’t know him.

“But today, I didn’t pick any nuts, I only plucked some cashews for me to chew.” The woman showed those plucked cashews to us and we have obtained the photograph for further investigation.

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The woman continued that “I am trying to explain I only plucked the one I want to chew when he started beating me like a baby.”

The woman, however, cried while recounting her ordeal to the NEB Journalists saying although the security man knew her, he did not hesitate to address her ungodly and beat her with a short dried branch of a tree.

Worthy of note, the security man in a later conversation with the NEB Journalists said he was so annoyed that he couldn’t control his anger when she saw the woman and that was why he thrashed the woman.

But the woman insisted that she would go at any length to show the man the kind of person she is. She held the dried branch with her.

Source : NBE

Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.


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