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Markaz Agege Proprietor, Sheikh Habibullah Speaks On Islamic New Year, Hijrah



Hijrah 1446 : Markaz Agege Proprietor, Sheikh Habibullah Felicitates Muslims

By Hammed Tajudeen, Osogbo

The proprietor of Arabic and Islamic Centre (Markaz Agege) Sheikh Muhammed Habibullah Adam Abdullah El-Ilory, has felicitated with Muslims across the world as they celebrate Islamic new year, Hijirah 1446.

The Islamic scholar in a statement issued by his Spokesperson on Special Matters,Nurudeen Ibrahim , on Sunday, obtained by Blaze Newz said, the Hijrah is more appropriately recognized today as the beginning of a new Islamic Year across the Muslim world.

Sheikh Habibullah noted that he is happy to extend this special greetings to all the Muslims across the world.

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While commenting on the significance of Hijrah, the Islamic scholar said Hijrah signifies positive transformation from one state to another.

“The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) embarked upon the Hijrah during his lifetime in the month of Rabiul Awwal when he migrated together with his companions from Mecca to Medinah.

“This migration was an historic event in the history of Islam as it ushered in positive transformations in the life of the Muslims as well as in the spread of Islam.”

He cited Chapter 8 verse 26 in the Holy Quran where Allah calls the attention of the Muslims to this historic event and enjoins them not to forget the Hijrah circumstances including the transformations thereafter. This is to make them appreciate what Allah has done for them.

He , therefore, prayed for all the Muslims across the world that may Allah in His infinite mercy turn the hardship we all face to ease, sorrow to joy, discomfort to comfort and our scarcity to abundance.

“May we all gain victory, progress, prosperity and salvation in this life and in the hereafter” he prayed.

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