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How 103-Year-Old Virgin Waited For Boyfriend Who Never Returned



How 103-Year-Old Virgin Waited For Boyfriend Who Never Returned

A woman by the name Mariam, also a 103-year-old woman, has shared her poignant story of love, heartbreak and unwavering patience, revealing how she waited her whole life for a man who never returned.

Mariam a virgin recounted her deep feelings for John, a young European adventurer she met in her youth. John, who travelled to Tanzania seeking adventure, formed a close bond with Mariam, who helped him acclimate to his new environment. Their friendship blossomed into a profound love.

“I met John, a young white man from Europe who came to Tanzania in search of adventure and purpose. I helped him navigate and settle into his new environment. Over time, our friendship blossomed into something more. He was unlike anyone I had ever met. His manners, stories, and kindness fascinated me. He respected my culture and showed genuine interest in my life and aspirations,” Mariam recalled.

Their relationship deepened, and Mariam fell deeply in love with John, who appeared to reciprocate her feelings. They shared dreams and hopes for a future together. However, John’s sudden and unexplained departure shattered Mariam’s dreams.

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“One day, John received an urgent summons to return to his hometown. He left without saying goodbye, and I was devastated. I searched for him for years, holding onto hope that he would return,” she said.

Despite the passage of time, Mariam remained committed to her cultural values, maintaining her virginity in anticipation of marriage with John. Her belief in preserving her purity until marriage was deeply ingrained in her culture.

“I remained a virgin, as it was expected in our culture to preserve purity until marriage. Even though I loved John deeply and we had an incredible bond, I remained steadfast in upholding this cultural value,” Mariam explained.

As years went by, the hope of John’s return faded, leaving Mariam feeling both betrayed and alone. Yet, she remained resolute in her promise to herself and her cultural beliefs.

“I refused to accept that he might not come back. Despite the wonderful moments we shared, I clung to the belief that John would eventually return,” she added.

Source: The Guardian

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