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Idol Worshipping Not Part Of Yoruba Culture – Oluwo Chief Replies, Cautions Ifa Worshippers



Idol Worshipping Not Part Of Yoruba Culture - Oluwo Chief Replies, Cautions Ifa Worshippers

Gbobaniyi of Iwoland, Chief Abdulrosheed Jeleel Omogbolahan, has asked Ifa worshippers to stop lumping Ifa worshipping with Yoruba culture and traditions.

He stressed deity worshipping was a universal practice during the dark days. He expressed fear on the mission of Ifa worshippers to lump their religion with our rich culture, and assured them such will not be entertained.

He urged true defenders and custodians of the culture to rise up and join Oluwo to checkmate the proposed adulteration by the usurpers.

Chief Jeleel said Ifa worshipping, as it implies, is a religion and not a component of the rich Yoruba culture and traditions.

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He described Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, as the custodian of pure, unadulterated Yoruba culture and traditions as pioneered by Oduduwa, the founding father of our heritage. Gbobaniyi further challenged deity worshippers to evidently show us the idols Oduduwa worshipped.

He boosted no Yoruba monarch is culturally ostentatious and attractive in dressings, public appearance and comportment like Oluwo.

Gbobaniyi noted Islam and Christianity have never hide under culture to deceive people. He further challenged them to come out clean with their written code of conduct as we have in Bible and Quran.

“Yoruba has the richest culture and traditions. Our rallying point, Oduduwa, never worshipped any deity. He worshiped only Olodumare. He brought unilateral leadership committed to Olodumare (God)”

“After the demise of Oduduwa, the family of Obatala known for idolatry hijacked the throne. That was the genesis of how they started to lump idolism with our culture and traditions. The mess has not be cleaned since the return of Oranmiyan”

“Now the truth has come, and it will stay. Deitism has no link with Yoruba culture and kingship. Yorubas are a special creature. We communicate directly to Olodumare and not through any intermediary”

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