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Mr Governor Sir, Osun Is Becoming An Empire Of Darkness



Mr Governor Sir, Osun Is Becoming An Empire Of Darkness

In recent times there has been rapid increase in crimes such armed robberies, kidnapping, bags snatching in different streets across Osogbo, the Osun State capital.

Popular roads such as Alekuwodo, Onababaona, Testing Ground, Oke Fia, Osogbo-Ikirun Highway, Ring Road and even densely populated Station Road are among areas that have become dangerous zones for the residents during dark hours.

The communities mentioned above are regularly exposed to various crimes such as robbery and theft which can be attributed to the poor illumination system., formerly Twitter, was on fire recently as residents laments increase spate of robbery and mini-kidnapping in Osogbo. The latest advice by the Osun State Police Command to Okada riders on increase records of motorcycles snatching is another pointer to the need for a better illumination.

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Moreover, several accidents has been reported due to the dimly lit road in these areas and can also factor in late emergency response which take longer than necessary to reach their destination due to poor visibility at night increasing the risks involved in medical emergencies.

Residents and business owners have expressed their concerns about the darkness that envelops their neighborhoods each night. They furthered claimed that this has affected their business in more ways as they expressed believe the lack of illumination at night has resulted to low patronage and even forced to pack their wares before nightfall for the constant fear of thieves.

This is the same Osogbo that was beautifully illuminated that former Governor Rauf Aregbesola posted about on his X platform.

Former Governor Adegboyega Oyetola also embarked on light up project which catered for some strategic parts of Osogbo but everything has become standing poles as over 90% of installed street lights provide no illumination again.

Mr Governor sir, the lack of street lights in Osogbo is one of the inadequate infrastructural facilities that you promised to address, most especially within the state capital and other cities.

Your Excellency sir, during one your campaigns in Osogbo in 2022 promised to turn “Osogbo to small London” being “a internationally exposed guy”. But the this has not become a reality.

In fact, a drive from Akoda to Ota-Efun showed that the few streetlights are in working conditions and they are at Aisu Junction and at the State Secretariat. The remaining over 20km stretch is “empire of darkness” at night.

While residents are lamenting, InsightMedia calls on you, Mr Governor Ademola Adeleke to ensure your name “Nurudeen” which means “Light of Religion” and your political slogan “Imole” becomes a reality on the streets of Osogbo and other cities and towns.

We advise that you direct the Ministry of Works, which coincidentally , you oversee, to conduct a thorough assessment of areas lacking adequate street lighting and develop a phased plan for the installation of lights, prioritizing high-risk areas.

Furthermore, the Government should improve security in poorly lit areas by directing security agencies to increase patrols during the night thereby enhancing the safety of residents until street lighting can be adequately provided.

Establishing a routine maintenance schedule for existing street lights to ensure they are always in good working condition, preventing failure in lighting due to technical faults will go a long way in ensuring the safety of the residents of the area.

The state of street lighting in Osogbo is more than an infrastructural inadequacy; it is a matter of safety, security, and community well-being. The Osun State Government has an important role in ensuring that the streets of Osogbo are safe for all who use them, regardless of the time of day.

Written by InsightMedia Editorial

Disclaimer: This piece represents the opinion of the writer not that of Blaze Newz Nigeria

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