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Land/Obaship Tussle: Ido Ayegunle Community Seeks Osun Government Intervention



Land/Obaship Tussle: Ido Ayegunle Community Seeks Osun Government Intervention

The entire community of Ido Ayegunle in Obokun East LCDA has called on the Osun State Government to come to their aid over the conspiracy, illegal and impersonation of one Mr Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi as Olojudo of Ido Ayegunle.

In a petition written by the community’s lawyer, Ngwu & Ngwu Barristers and Solicitors of the Supreme Court, a copy which was obtained by this medium accused the current Caretaker Chairman of Obokun East LCDA, Hon. Kunle Adeoti of his unholy and dastard behaviour to illegally install one Mr Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi, a non indigene of Ido Ayegunle, who hails from Efon Alaye in Ekiti State, as Olojudo of Ido Ayegunle.

The petitioners also accused the Owa Omiran of Esa-Oke, Oba Adeyemi Adediran, of complicity in the illegal land grabbing and terror being unleashed by Mr Ajewole on the ancient town of Ido Ayegunle. They appealed to the state government for urgent intervention to avoid full-blown fracas within the community.



Your Excellency, sir, in the beginning, Esa-Oke had often encroached on Ido Ayegunle land on many occasions, in which process series of attack is ventilated on the people of Ido-Ayegunle by the invading land grabbers from Esa- Oke who teams up with persons from Efon Alaye in Ekiti State, because Ido Ayegunle is located in between Esa-Oke and Efon Alaye in Ekiti State.

The land grabbers from the duo communities would attack our people with Guns and machetes. Sir, when these illegal invasions and encroachments persists, the matter was reported to your predecessor in office, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola lec Government which set up Panel Of Enquiry to look into the matter. After the du diligence and findings of the Panel Of Enquiry, it was recommended that: Id Ayegunle has nothing either traditionally or responsibility to do with Esa-Oke; tho Ido Ayegunle is traditionally responsible to Owa Obokun Adimula of Ijesa Land c the prescribing authority. The findings and recommendations of the panel hereby attached as marked as Annexure 2.

Your Excellency, sir, the said Panel of Enquiry reports was gazzetted on 28th November 2005 and the said gazette is hereby attached and marked Annexure 3. Sir, since that 2005, after the report was gazetted, there was no more crisis in the region until the demise of HRH Oba Adekanmi Ajayi, the last installed OLOJUDO OF IDO AYEGUNLE, Obokun East LCDA. Sir, take notice that Ido Ayegunle is a Second Class King (Part 2 Oba), recognized under the Chieftaincy Law and not a Third Class Oba as contained in the gazetted chieftaincy law of Osun state. Sir, Annexure 4 is the confirmation letter issued by Osun State Government which recognized OLOJUDO OF IDO AYEGUNLE as Part 2 Oba in the state.


Your Excellency, sir, after the demise of Oba Adekanmi Ajayi, the community wrote a letter to officially notify the authority of Obokun East LCDA local government authority of the burial arrangements. Sir, as burial plans were ongoing, It was discovered that a man (Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi), just came in to the town from Esa-Oke, and claimed that Owamiran Of Esa-Oke had installed him as Loja Obanla Of Ido-Ayegunle. Sir, this assertion Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi, threw the entire community into confusion since from a traditional point of view, it has never occurred in the history of Ido-Ayegunle that Owamiran Of Esa-Oke would installed anyone in Ido-Ayegunle Land.

Your Excellency, sir, as the burial arrangements was ongoing, the community received emissaries from Owamiran of Esa-Oke who happened to be the man called Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi who made it abundantly clear that he will not allow the late king, Oba Adekanmi Ajayi to be buried in Ido-Ayegunle Land. Sir, the said Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi led some unknown thugs to Ido Ayegunle community at night, and they started shooting sporadically into the air to terrorize the town by creating tension and civil unrest in the town. Sir, the above scenario aggravated concerned citizens of Ido-Ayegunle to take legal action and report the matter to the then Commissioner of Police (CP Kayode Olokode).

Your Excellency, sir, the suspect Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi and all other parties were invited and the Commissioner Of Police, based on the constructive presentation coupled with documentary evidences presented by the community, directed that the community should carry out the burial of the deceased Oba as planned. The commissioner of Police also provided full security backing throughout the occasion, and warned Owamiran Of Esa-Oke to stop all his illegal acts.

Sir, Commissioner Of Police equally mandated Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi and his accessories who came on Police invitation to signed a letter of
undertaking in which the said Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi was bound over that he will not paraded himself either as a King or Chief nor disrupted the peaceful coexistence among the people of Ido Ayegunle in any manner and which he fully obeyed. The said letter of undertaking was taken in the Office of the Commissioner of Police in year 2021. While a peaceful burial event was done under heavy security monitoring.


Your Excellency, sir, immediately after the final burial event of the Late HRH Oba Adekanmi Ajayi, in December 2021, a letter was officially written to the authority of Obokun East LCDA on the readiness of Ido Ayegunle Community to install new King, in line with the traditional customs of the ancient town in early of Year 2022, which the LCDA authority consented and open the sales of form for interested individuals among the Royal lineages to occupy the vacant seat of OLOJUDO OF IDO AYEGUNLE.


Your Excellency, sir, there are two (2) Royal ruling houses in ido Ayegunle. They


1. Aselebe Ruling House

2. Osanyintola Ruling House

Sir, both Royal Families at their meeting resolved that:-

1. The next Ruling House to produce OLOJUDO OF IDO AYEGUNLE is Aselebe Ruling House.

2. Prince Oluwatimileyin Olayemi Ajayi was unanimously selected as Oba-Elect by the two (2) Royal Families.

3. The two (2) Royal Families resolved to contributes money to obtain nomination form for the selected Prince to occupy the vacant stool as mean of solidarity support for him.

4. The two (2) Royal Families jointly signed a legal agreement for the nomination of Prince Oluwatimileyin Olayemi Ajayi as their preferred candidate to cushion future interference among the Two (2) Royal Families on the rotational arrangements.

All documents to support the above arrangements are duly attached and marked as Annexure 5. Ido Ayegunle Community proceeded to obtain the Chieftaincy form gazetted and meet all the conditions in line with Chieftaincy Law.

Obokun Of ljesa Land.

Your Excellency, sir, the qualified and competent candidate for the vacant stool had met with His Imperial Majesty Oba (Dr.) Adekunle Aromolaran, Owa Obokun Adimula of Ijesa Land and sought his consent as the prescribed authority over Ido Ayegunle. Your Excellency sir, based the eligibility and validity of the presented documents as the only qualified contestant for Olojudo vacant stool, His Imperial Majesty Owa Obokun of Ijesa Land confirmed, approved and consented to the candidacy of Prince Oluwatimileyin Olayemi Ajayi to occupy the vacant stool of Olojudo of Ido- Ayegunle. Sir, the motive behind the request by the LCDA authority Chairman for letter of consent to be issued to him by the prescribed authority was intended to scheme off scheme the competent, recommended and traditionally qualified Prince Oluwatimileyin Olayemi Ajayi from occupying the vacant stool.


Your Excellency, sir, we further wish to notify you, sir, that Hon. Kunle Adeoti conspired with Owamiran Of Esa-Oke and the Efon Alaye suspects, to misled and misinform Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy, Osun State, by sending the names of illegal persons for approval as warrant chiefs without following due process as laid down by Chieftaincy Law and traditional custom of Osun State.


Your Excellency, sir, without any official pronouncement or declaration by the State government the notorious Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi has been parading himself as the OBANLA and OLOJUDO OF IDO AYEGUNLE which is against Osun State Chieftaincy Law. Your Excellency sir, the said Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi claimed he was installed by Owamiran Of Esa-Oke. Sir, these assertions are prejudicing the mind of the members of the public and calls for immediate actions from the state government.


Your Excellency, sir, it is based on the foregoing fact that we, the good people of Ido-Ayegunle are appealing to Your Excellency, to use your good office and wisdom and come to our rescue from hand of these Land grabbers and criminals, since Your Excellency, sir, is the father of all citizens of Osun state and the Chief Security Officer of the State.

Your Excellency, sir, we are equally seeking your indulgence to beam search lights on the issues and allegations mentioned highlighted above especially the vacant seat of the Olujodo of o-Ayegunle and the menace of the notorious Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi and take prompt steps to safeguard the lives and properties of Ido Ayegunle Community and bring normalcy to the community.

Your Excellency sir, it is known to all and sundry that traditional stool and the occupiers thereto are meant to serve the function of protecting the community. It is our argument, therefore, that anyone who exhibits destructive tendency in a bid to gain ascendency to any stool or position of power is not fit for such a position, for the mere reason that someone need not destroy the community he is seeking to lead. We urge your Excellency to be of the firm view that the impostor known as Ajewole James Lawrence Adebisi is not the right heir and is not competent by tradition or otherwise to occupy the traditional stool of Olujodo of Ido-Ayegunle

We furthered continue pledge our loyalty and continuous supports for your administration as people’s Governor till 2030 and we say

Long live his Excellency senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke

Long live Osun State

Long live Ido Ayegunle

We say thanks in anticipation of positive response from Your Excellency, sir

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