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“Everybody Has Abandoned Me ”– Veteran Actor Abija Tells Kunle Afod



“Everybody Has Abandoned Me ”– Veteran Actor Abija Tells Kunle Afod

Nollywood actor Kunle Afod found of paying visit to veteran actors and actresses in the Yoruba industry has finally met Abijah Warah Bi Ekun after he sent him some cash before travelling outside the country

Abijah revealed to him that he is already building his own house and also that one of his children is now a video editor in the movie industry.

Kunle Afod asked why he doesn’t act in most movies again and he responded that he won’t get called again but he featured in many skit these days than movie.

Netizens showered prayers on Kunle Afod for the consistency in trying to lift the veteran actors back to their feet as he promised to speak with his other colleagues to start using him in movies.

Reacting to this @nelsonadenola975 wrote: When God gives a vision, run with it. This is one of the greatest visions. I pray with all my might and being. Kunle Afod, you and your generation yet unborn will never lack the mercy and the blessings of God.

@empresskofoworola wrote: I knew Abija Wara Bi Ekun since I was a kid in the 90s, but after sometimes he disappeared from the screen but glad to see him back again with Ole Meta, I hope to see more of him 🙏

@MisterBABLO Wrote: Egbon Afoddd…!!! Thank you for alllll you do for these great men and women that graced our screens from childhood. Esé gidi gannnn 🙏🙏🙏

@derekajisefini2561 wrote: I grew up watching ABIJA on white & black TV……, his a legend……….God honor him and me too.

@Dipoolaewe wrote: May God continue to protect you as you travels miles away your abode to put smiles on people’s face. God will continue to bless your household from generation to generation. Still praying to God to enlarge my coast, i really wish to bless you too from my pocket. You’re a big inspiration to we upcoming young stars.

@olusho6546 wrote: God bless you Afod.Foluke Daramola use to do something like this few years ago but now AFOD has taken it higher.God bless you both

@arsenalarsenal9260 wrote: Mr Kule you have been a great blessing to so many people in your field. I just wanted to remind you to always wear your seat belt when you’re in any car because you’re just starting.

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