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Understanding Marriage In Parts Of Nigeria



Understanding Marriage In Parts Of Nigeria

There are some states in Nigeria that if your son or brother or friend is going there to get married to a girl native to those states, then you better just do his burial already. Because he is dead from the wedding day, even though he might not be buried until he physically dies. Some states are Industrial Money Obtainers. Read between the lines!

Their marriage list and Tinubu’s budget are in competition for economic dominance.

And don’t think the billing ends after the Church, traditional and civil registry wedding. It never ends. You are now a cash cow responsible for her parent’s upkeep, her siblings’ education and jollification, as well as the burials of all her extended family. And there is no gratitude connected to your servitude. That is your ‘duty’ according to their mentality. And the moment you rebel, you become an ‘irresponsible’ in-law to people who think if you are cut with a knife, money should flow out of you rather than blood.

If you go and visit your in-laws, you are billed. If they come and visit you, you are charged. To use a local parlance, Police dey learn work where them dey!

If they are sick, you pay the bills. If you are ill and they come to visit you, even in hospital, you must show appreciation for their prayer for your healing. The single biggest source of foreign and domestic investment into that state and its neighbours is the marriage industry. It is marriage for them but damage for you.

In other places, marriage is a paradise. In those states, it is a parasite! If you marry in the right state, you enjoy your marriage. If you are not careful with some, you will endure the nuptials.

Who the cap fits, let them wear it. Someone must speak up for these unfortunate men.

Hammed Tajudeen is a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication

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