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You Owe Nigerians Explanation Over 2023 Election Result – Professor Tells INEC



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Professor Olusegun Kehinde has blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) over injustice and lack of transparency over the 2023 presidential election stating that INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, owed Nigerians explanation over the election result.

He said INEC has committed a sacrilege adding that a commission of enquiry should be set up to investigate INEC.

Professor Kehinde stated on Monday’s edition of Point blank on Fresh FM Osogbo that “Professor Mamudu Yakubu owe this nation an explanation, am sure he is not enjoying Popularity even in his own community.”

“Today I can say that without fear of contradiction, that decision was unpopular, was injustice to the generality of Nigerians.

“The APC today might become the beneficiary of what has happened, tomorrow it might be PDP, it might be the Labour Party, but will APC feels satisfied if that kind of injustice has been melted to it? Will it not have go to court?

“Let us be fair, let us stand on open pedestal and explain the reality to our people.

“The outcome of months they have spent in court does it look like justice have been done? No, we need to go away from that explanation.

“A commission of enquiry should be set up to investigate INEC to explain what it did with that money, let him come clean, let him tell the people that he has not committed a sacrilege, INEC has committed a sacrilege and gods must be appease that is the reality” stated Prof. Kehinde

Grace Shonde is a graduate of Icon Universal Polytechnic, Osogbo, with National Diploma (ND) in Mass Communication


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