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Nollywood Veteran, Adewale Adeoye (AKA Elesho) : All You Need To Know



Nollywood Veteran, Adewale Adeoye (AKA Elesho) : All You Need To Know

Adewale Adeoye, popularly called Elesho, is distinguished Nollywood Yoruba film actor, who has been on stage for close to 40 years.

He was born on January 10 1959 in Ikirun community but hails from Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun State.

Elesho is one of the veteran comic actors in the film industry though he has not be appearing in films recently, apart from skits on the internet.

As a thespian, he has contributed to the growth of Yoruba Nollywood.

Some of the films Elosho has starred in are Farugbotayin, Baba Okele, Arike Osha, Kabiyesi, Oga kan, Alaaru, Chief Jagun, Taxi Driver and many more.

As a creative actor, Elesho has exceptional delivery of lines and interpretation of roles. He is one of the actors that use words as double-edged sword in movies. When he speaks, it stings his target.

He is the father of the popular comedian, Adeoye Adeyemi Elesho, who acted as Wehinwo in the latest blockbuster by Femi Adebayo, Jagun Jagun.


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