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Osun @32 : Adeleke Told Strategy To Develop Rural Areas



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As Osun State celebrates her thirty-two years of establishment, a Veteran Journalist, Ambassador Adeyemi Adewunmi has urged Osun Government to take development to the rural areas so as to improve the state’s economy.

While Speaking On Rave FM Frank Talk’s Monday edition, He expressed concern over the present economic state of Osun stating that Osun’s economy has been stunted in some aspect.

Adewunmi pinpointed that, “there is still sectional interest that get in the way whenever the leadership, the governor, whenever they want to do something, is either you do it in this section or that section, everybody want it in their own section of the state, all these things has contributed to the stunted growth of Osun State.”

He stated that a child at thirty two all over the countries is expected to have been self establish, adding that, they were expecting Osun at thirty-two to be like that but it has been stunted growth.

Adewunmi stated that, “Osun have not been privilege to grow as it should be and the potentials is still there we need leaders that will explore it”.

He ,however, urged Governor Ademola Adeleke to imitate China by taking development to the rural areas in the aspect of building industries and factories in order to develop Osun’s economy.

“He need to borrow this practice from other area, look at the example of China, what led to the development in China was that, they took development to the rural areas not just farming in the development, but large industries, industries that were being built, Factories that were being built, they built them in the rural areas, so I will tell Governor Adeleke when we attract these industries, investors will come.

“Think about locating them where there is plenty of land and where the development can be so that people will work there, will live there and also come to the Capital Cities and spend money.

“We need to take development to the rural area that is how China did it and that is what brought China to be now referred to as the largest economy in the world because they took development to the rural areas.”

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