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Education Summit : Give Transport Allowance To Teachers – UI Prof Tells Osun Govt



An associate professor at the University of Ibadan, Professor Bayo Oluwole, has urged the Governor Ademola Adeleke-led Osun government to prioritize welfare of teachers.

He said transport allowance should be given to Osun teachers as a way of encouraging them.

“Teachers welfare should be considered, only motivated teachers can take care of children” Prof. Oluwole said.

He expressed concern over technicals schools that are not functioning in Osun state at Osun 2023 Education Summit during his panel discussion on the topic “Learning Poverty and Academic Performance”.

Prof. Oluwole ,however, defined education as a shared commitment among dedicated teachers, motivated students and euthuastic students.

“Education is a shared commitment among dedicated teachers motivated students and euthuastic students”

The Theme of Osun 2023 Education Summit is “Getting It Right And Revamping Education Sector in Osun State” the Summit is organize towards revamping the educational sector in Osun state according to the Commissioner of Education in Osun state, Honourable Dipo Eluwole

Also, Chief Strategic Officer at the Educational Advance Centre Ibadan, Pastor Muyiwa Bamgbose blamed parent for taking their children to school at the early stage of their childhood.

He said that playing with sand of children at their early stage of their childhood is important for their growth , explained that when they are taken to school at that early stage it will affect their academic performance.

Bamgbose while giving his panel discussion on Learning Poverty and Academic Performance urged parents to spend on their children saying if parents refuse to spend on their children they cannot be profited by it.

He urged the Osun government to go back to technology if they want to revamp education in Osun state.

“If you want to revamp, you must go back to technology, it is the only thing that attract young foes.

“If you don’t spend on your child you cannot be profited by it.

“Early childhood development We don’t give our child what they want early in life.”

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