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Sunday Bisi: The Magic Wand Of Osun PDP



Osun PDP Chair, Bisi Reveals When Adeleke Will Conduct LG Election

By Olu Abiola, PhD.

Since the coming on board of the Senator Ademola Adeleke-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government in Osun State, in spite of the usual bickering that characterizes politics, particularly among the ruling and opposition parties, in Nigeria, there has been relative peace of mind in the state.

While many have argued that the governor had a water-tight plan of his, close to his chest before coming for the governorship position, there is no doubt that Governor Adeleke has surrounded himself with the very best of brains Osun State can boast of, in the onerous task of putting the state on the pedestal of verifiable development.

One of such brains is Honourable Sunday Bisi.

It is arguable that the state chairman of the PDP, Honourabe Sunday Bisi, a politician of note, who cut his teeth in political tutelage under the former governor of the state, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, as the Special Adviser on Environment is undoubtedly an icon in the development in the PDP-led government in the State of the Living Spring.

Honourable Bisi is regarded by many as a political wizard in Ijesaland; he is endowed with political skills he usually deploys for use when it comes to uniting members of his political party.

He is frank and unbiased, courteous, humane and civil.

Recall that when he returned as the chairman of the party at its congress held at the Osogbo township stadium, the crux of his speech was on the ways to reunite the party and make it more virile than ever which he prompt accomplished and created a benevolence atmosphere in the party to enable the governor to administer the State.

“When you have a united party, then, the governor will be able to concentrate; and there won’t be distractions. I will ensure that; and I will bring everybody into the party, so that we will be able to move the state forward.

“We know those that are behind our woes; those that are in court against this congress. I will only appeal to them to sheathe their swords and come back to join us to move Osun State forward. Those that went to court are not part of the success story of today.

“We had governorship, presidential and state Houses of Assembly elections; they did not participate. They are being used to draw us back. I appeal to them to join hands with us.

“I know what it takes to lead a party into government. I have done it before and I will do it again, by the grace of God. I am going to unite the party more; everybody will be on the same page under my leadership.

“People are happy in Osun State with what our governor is doing to the state. In less than four months, they have seen changes; salaries and arrears have been paid. And workers have been promoted. Infrastructure development is ongoing.

“We had Workers’ Day here a few days ago. I have been in Osun for several years. I have not seen this kind of turnout before, because they trooped out en masse,” he had said then.

“His performance in office since then has lent credence to this statement and had made him fulfilled in administration of the party and recommendations of political nominees for various offices at the State and local government levels.

Following his trajectory since his sojourn in the PDP, many analysts have described the Osun PDP helmsman as a very dogged strategist when faced with achieving set objectives.

Besides, he is very loyal and honest to any cause he believes in as well as have the quality of being committed to service to humanity.

Apart from this, Bisi is held in many quarters as an incorruptible politician; he is not influenced by anything and he cannot be bought by whoever he thinks would not do the bidding of the masses of Osun State; he is always bothered by what has not been done to improve the lives of individuals.

He is a thorough Ijesa man who shares the same spirit with the Ibokun born-Prince, Diran Odeyemi and the acolyte of Ijesa North politician, Right Honourable Oluwole Oke, service to humanity and community development are his watchwords.

Those who are close to the PDP helmsman have also said that he is highly endowed with uncommon intelligence to resolve issues that could metamorphose into crisis or which could destabilise the state.

It is common knowledge now that during the stormy period in the PDP in Osun State, Honourable Bisi had remained resolute and stood by the state governor, just in his characteristic manner. This is why he had refused to succumb to intimidations, embarrassments, persecutions and legal threats.

Just like Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye, the Chief of Staff to the Governor stands as the Brain Box of the State of the Living Spring, Sunday Bisi is the mastermind and principal strategist for the peaceful administration of the governor under the party, the PDP. He always ensures that the string of unity and love in the party is not broken.

It is noteworthy that the pivot of his magic wand is humility, obedience and respect for leadership and humanity.
As a visionary leader, Honourable Bisi runs the party leadership with the spirit of egalitarianism.

With the Ilesa-born political juggernaut, it is evident that the PDP will continue to thrive in Osun State with tremendous achievements under the Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke’s governance.

Dr. Abiola, a Journalism Teacher and Public Affairs Analyst, writes from Osun State.

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