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Galal Yafai Beats British Boxer, Tommy ‘Super’ Frank To Defend Title



At the Utilita Arena, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Eddie Hearns (Matchroom Boxing) in the Main Event 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist and WBC International Flyweight champion Galal Yafai defended his title exploding out of the corner with the fire of a champion stopping former British Flyweight champion ‘Super’ Tommy Frank in the first round.

In the Main Event 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist and WBC International Flyweight champion southpaw Galal Yafai, 5-0 (4), #111 ¾, of Birmingham, UK, stopped former British Flyweight champion ‘Super’ Tommy Frank, 15-4-1 (3), #111 ½, of Sheffield, UK, at 1:40 of round one of a scheduled ten rounds.

In the first round, after thirty seconds, Yafai dropped Frank with a right hook on the chin from an awkward position for an 8-count from Referee John Lathan. Yafai waved from the corner to come on and get some more. Yafai went right after him looking to hurt him and pushing him to the canvas. He continued to do without a break, beating on Frank until the corner of Frank threw in the towel.

WBA International Welterweight champion southpaw Cyrus Pattison, 6-1 (4), #146 ½, of Alnwick, Northumberland, UK, was stopped after eight rounds losing to Conah Walker, 12-2-1 (4), #147, of Wolverhampton, UK, after eight rounds of a war in a scheduled ten rounds.

The first round was full of action, with Pattison having the edge. In the middle of the round, Walker knocked Pattison off balance.

The action continued from the first round. In the third round, a lead right from Walker on the chin dropped Pattison for an 8-count from Referee Michael Alexander. He came back well for half a round before getting rocked again by Walker, who dominated the round.

In the fourth round, Pattison boxed Walker silly with an accurate jab. Walker, frustrated, tried coaxing him to slug it out to no avail. In the fifth round, Pattison continued boxing well, rocking Walker with a lead left on the chin a minute into the round.

In the final minute, a left hook from Walker on the chin dropped Pattison, who felt it was from a slippery spot in the corner, taking another 8-count from referee Alexander. He came back well.

In the sixth round, Pattison turned slugger again, hurting Walker throughout. He got pushed to the canvas, and referee Alexander called it a knockdown. In the seventh round, Pattison came back well, punishing Walker through punching with a puncher he got hit on several occasions, hurting him.

In the eighth round, it was Walker coming back, hurting Pattison, who holds when hurt to get through the round. Walker had much swelling under his left eye. Pattison’s trainer wouldn’t allow him out for the ninth round. Walker suffered a small cut outside of his left eye. It was a war following one of the dullest fights. Promoter Hearns afterward spoke well of the action calling it a “war,” which it was. Rematch?

In a rematch Super Featherweight Jordan Flynn, 9-0-1 (1), #129 ½, of Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK, drew with Kane Baker, 19-10-2 (1), #129 ¾, of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, over ten rounds with Flynn losing a point in final round costing him the win.

In the fourth round Flynn knocked Baker down for an 8-count.

In the fifth round, a clash of heads caused a nasty cut on the left eyebrow of Baker. In the ninth round, Flynn used is hand speed and accurate jab. In the tenth and final round, the referee, for some reason, took a point from Flynn.

Score 94-94 by referee Christopher

Heavyweight Solomon ‘The Real Deal’ Dacres, 7-0 (2), #239 ¾, of Birmingham, UK, defeated former South African champ southpaw Chris ‘Wolf’ Thompson, 12-5-1 (7), #238, of Johannesburg, RSA, over ten dull rounds.

In the first three rounds, there was little action from both fighters. In the fourth round final half minute, Dacres landed a solid right to the chin of the southpaw Thompson getting his attention.

From the fifth through the seventh, the lack of action continued, with Thompson taking the seventh round. No highlights here. In the eighth round, when Dacres lands a right, he backs off, not following up.

In the ninth round final half minute, Dacres landed a right, drawing blood from the mouth of Thompson. In the final seconds, Thompson landed a right hook on the chin knocking Dacres off balance.

In the tenth and final rounds, final seconds, Dacres had the left eyebrow of Thompson cut, which spurred Thompson on a bit. Whether from a punch or not, it was hard to tell. Dacres needs to change his nickname. Referee Howard Foster.

Scores were 99-91 twice and 98-92, as was KH.

Super Lightweight Khaleel ‘Major’ Majid, 11-0 (3), #142 ½, of Bolton, Lancashire, UK, defeated Alessandro Fersula, 9-5 (1), #141 ¼, of Roma, IT, over eight rounds.

In the first round, Fersula used an effective jab while moving well for a minute. Majid landed his first solid punch a jab that snapped back the head of Fersula. In the final seconds, a right from Majid landed on the chin of Fersula, dropping him in his own corner for an 8-count from Referee Kevin Parker. In the third round, Majid used a good body attack, slowing down Fesula a bit.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Majid used an effective jab to offset Fersula’s jab. Majid used a good left hook to the body, too.

In the sixth round, halfway point, Majid warned to keep his punches up. From that point on, Fersula started landing more offense but, due to a clash of heads, suffered a small cut on his left eyebrow.

In the seventh round, it was competitive. In the eighth and final round, Majid hurt Fersula with a left to the body halfway through the round. It was Majid’s first opponent with a winning record, and he did well.

The referee’s score was 78-73 and 79-71 KH.

Middleweight Aaron Bowen, 3-0 (2), #162 ½, of Coventry, West Midlands, UK, knocked out Wilmer Baron, 6-2 (5), #165 ¼, of Arboletes, COL, at 0:52 of the second round of a scheduled six rounds.

In the second round, Bowen hit Baron with a right on the chin and was counted out by Referee Ryan Churchill.