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States Told What To Do To End Economic Crisis



An economist, Dr. Tunji Ogunyemi has urged every States government in Nigeria to start producing their natural resources and exporting it to other countries in the world so as to defend Naira from falling against Dollar.

In an interview with Dr Ogunyemi on Rave FM Osogbo on Friday, said Nigeria needs to earn more Dollars so as to prevent Naira from diminishing stating that the only way to achieve that is by being productive.

Oguyemi ,however, reiterated that all States in Nigeria should start producing and exporting their natural resources.

“You need to earn more Dollars to be able to defend the Naira you are not earning rather it is diminishing, how many countries in the world demand naira if there are produce in Nigeria then we can begin to say there is no reason that the naira should fall against the Dollars but you don’t produce, you export too little.

“If you want to prevent it from falling: let Ekiti State begin to do plywood industry and export it, let Osun export its gold in Ilesha and Ife corridors and export it to China, let Katsina state do Something about dairy products and export cheese.

Let Lagos state get fish from Epe and export it to Ghana, let Delta State do something about his Timber industry as well as it’s Crayfish area and then export them to America, let Nigeria economic become productive.”

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