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Any Deity Restricting Human Movement Is Anti- progress – Oluwo Bans Oro Ritual



The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, has directed that Oro ritual with curfew will no longer be tolerated in the ancient town.

The monarch insisted that all citizens should be allowed free flow/movement with their goods and services without restrictions.

According to the Yoruba monarch “Any deity restricting human movement is anti- progress. It should be done in the bush where no one leaves.

“Oro worshippers in Iwo should change their mode of engagement to exclude restriction of people’s movement. Such will not be entertained in my domain (Iwoland).

“It is banned in Iwoland and that’s it all. Other Oro done in moderation and not placing restrictions on human freedom is permitted. Individuals are free to engage in their family deity as much as people’s freedom is not hindered.

“I ask, what will be the faith of an emergency patient being rush to hospital? Of what justification is movement restriction to a student going to an examination hall at a particular time? Of what moral excuse is restriction of movement in the name Oro to an accident victim in urgent need of emergency medical attention?

“In addition, the practice of placing sacrifices on the road most especially junctions and blocking our Rivers by dumping ritual sacrifices in them which in turn causes floods are not equally permitted in Iwo.

“Most sacrificial offerings are placed on the road in junctions. You will see palm oil and other dirty items as offerings on road financed by our tax payers money.

“A road that should be maintained through collective efforts and patriotic dedication. In advanced countries, no one will urinate even beside the road.

“Some individuals and corporate bodies will donate a standard road and others will go there to place sacrifice.

“For tradition and culture to grow faster and better must be inculcated. We need to appraise idea to have a better life.”

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