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You’re A Mr Not A King- Traditionalist Tells Modern Yoruba Obas Who Ignored Seclusion Ritual



The President of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association in Osun state, Dr. Oluseyi Atanda has vowed that traditionalists will not prostrate anymore before any Oba who doesn’t recognise with them as a traditionalist.

He described kings as people who were highly revered and like special advisers to the government stating that Oba are involved in every situations that might happen in the society.

He explained the positions of Kings using England as an example, ” The King of England is not a subject of the Prime Minister of England, it is the prime minister of England that is a subject of the King of England.”

Atanda said that many kings has loss their importance to the extent that Local government Chairman or Governor can threaten to remove them as King stating that the reason for such threat is because they have disrupted the basis.

He added that to become a King it is a process and once that process is not follow, the King losses respect, pinpointing that Oba has to do with traditions, and culture and the office is not from Christianity or Islam.

He however stated on Rave FM Osogbo on Thursday that any King who doesn’t pass through seclusion is not a King but a Mr.

He addition to, he said that, “Any Oba who says I am not an Isese, I have nothing to do with your crown, then as far as we are concerned as traditionalist is not an Oba is a Mr., And we shall not prostrate before anybody like that again.”

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