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‘Our Value Have Totally Disappeared’ – Tinubu Approved Ministerial List Criticized



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The former editor of the Nigeria Tribune, Barrister Dapo Ogunwusi has termed President Bola Tinubu’s approved ministerial list as a thank you list.

He pinpointed that the value of Nigeria has totally disappeared and the least that can be done is to bring up people that Nigeria can handover to in the nearest future stating that he didn’t see that, what he saw was a reward list.

It will be recalled that the Senate, on Monday confirmed forty-five out of the forty-five eight ministerial nominees forwarded to it by President Bola Tinubu.

Commenting on those forty- five ministerial nominees on Tuesday’s edition of Frank Talk on Rave FM Osogbo, Barrister Ogunwusi said that those nominees are based on Reward and not on political purpose.

“Basically what we look forward to in a situation like this is a clear tragetory towards a new kind of people who can do things in a different way.

“I even look forward to seeing some non party people, non politicians who are technocrats, who are expert in one field or the other, people who can genuinely lift the nation up.

“Our value have totally disappeared but the least we can do is to try at least if we can bring up people to whom we can handover the country to in the nearest future, I do not see that, I see a lot of reward, it is not a ministerial list ,it is a thank you list.”

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