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Anyone Who Feels Adeleke’s Administration Is Slow Must Be A Sadist- Osun Rep



Honorable Bamidele Salam

The lawmaker representing Ede South, Ede North, Ejigbo federal constituency and Egbedore, Honourable Bamidele Salam has said that anyone who feels that the administration of Osun Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke is slow is a sadist.

He stated that as far as he is concern, there could no have been no proactive man as Senator Ademola Adeleke who have compassion and has been demonstrating to the people of Osun by turning things around, the things that the immediate Past governor says is impossible.

He commended Adeleke for taking a courageous step into initiating three hundred and thirty two boreholes hereby impacting the lives of people at rural area, building of schools, construction of roads and many other things he has been doing in less than a year of him being in office, stating that Adeleke is a blessing to Osun state.

Honourable Salam stated that anyone pushing the narrative that Adeleke’s administration is slow must be a sadist, stating that if honey is being put in the mouth of a sadist he or she will still say it is bitter.

“If you put honey in the mouth of somebody who is a sadist, he will just do like this, why is this thing so bitter, anyone that is pushing that narrative with due sense of apologies must be a sadist, anyone who feels that this government is slow, a government that came in less than in hundred days and did all these that I have mentioned.

“Talking about the three hundred and thirty two boreholes that is a very courageous innovative approach, those of us who are Elite who live will not understand what people in Iyanfoworogi in Ajibandele, Ikotun what they are facing.

“But the Governor to initiating 332 boreholes was very impacting, it has really touch the live of people in a manner that people will not even belief that there was water right there under them, and going several kilometers to fetch water from the Brooks.

“If you have have a project like that and for example, you have Eighteen that have issues and that they need to fix this is technology, this is construction, that is what the sadist will look at, he won’t look at the three hundred other ones that are solving the problem.

“You mentioned the issue of traditional rulers, these are issues that require processes some of them are matters presently before the Judiciary, this Governor took an oat of office that he was not going to violate the Constitution.

“The Constitution of Nigeria has separated powers there is a matter before the court that the court need to adjudicate on, the governor will not go and dabble into those matters and then be seen to be a lawless man.

“As far as the majority people of Osun state are concerned, there couldn’t have been more proactive man than Governor Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke.”

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