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How To Be A Good Homemaker As A Female Politician



The Special Adviser to Osun Governor on Market Women Affairs, Honorable Eniola Omotosho has said that it is possible to be a good Homemaker as a female politician.

She stated that in order to balance the two, such women must neither be lukewarm nor hot, but must let people know them for who they are and what they can do.

Honourable Omotosho while stating her opinion on how to be a good Homemaker as a female politician on Fresh FM Osogbo on Wednesday said that a woman who want to go into politics must sit down to count the cost, plan, seek the support of her husband and have a vision before going into it.

She added that most women who don’t seek the support of their husbands don’t made headways stating that things are not made easy for them and they are mostly harassed by men.

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“If you are coming into Politics, let people who you are, let people know you for what you are, what you can do and your belief don’t be lukewarm and be hot.

“Let them know that this is who you are when people know you for who you are, they will accept you for who you are then you will set a standard for yourself.

“I want to belief that if you want to go into politics, you sit down, how do I combine, how do I take care of my kids, how do I take care of my husband, how do I take care of my home?

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“You will know these, if you know, okay, sixty percent I have taken care of that now to drop my kids in school I have to wake up this so so time, to cater for my husband I have to wake up this so and so time.

“To see my leaders okay if I can’t see ten maybe two because I want to combine my home front job with it, you get to sit down and plan yourself, you sit down, count the cost, plan yourself and go into it.

“If you have the support of your husband to go into it, things will be made easy for you, you can’t be at campaign ground and your husband is waiting for something from you at home, if you get the full support of your husband it makes the combination easier.

“It is better for us women to sit down, count the cost, seek the support of your husband let him see the reason, what are you going into politics for? If your husband know you are going there for a purpose then he will support you.

“The problem women has is that when they see you coming into politics without the support of your home, men will come around you and harass you but when they look at you and they see good people around you, you get the respect.

“They know the integrity is there, they know you won’t trade yourself for nothing, balancing and counting the cost before we coming into it makes a long way for us.”

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