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DSS Advised Over Rearrest Of Suspended CBN Gov, Emefiele



A legal Practioner, Dr. Misbau Lateef has urged the Department of State Services ( DSS) to be more serious with their work so that Nigerians will not loose confidence in them.

Dr. Lateef while commenting on alleged incompetency of DSS in performing their duties on Rave FM Osogbo on Thursday, expressed disappointment over the outcome of the case of suspended Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

He said what people are expecting after the detention of Emefiele for long is not what they delivered stating that he was so disappointed in them.

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He termed the charges levelled against the CBN governor as being ridiculous saying despite the allegation of terrorism financing only for them to came up with unlawful possession of gun.

Lateef said it is not that what was levelled against the CBN Governor was not a crime but he ought not to be detented for that long.

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He however stated that the DSS should wake up to their responsibility so as not to undermine the confidence the Nigerians suppose to repose in them.

“On detention to the best of my understanding I don’t think there is anything unlawful for the detention of Mr. Emiefele for that long even that of Mr. Bawa of the EFCC I say this because am aware the DSS obtain relevant court order to keep them earning investigation and all of that but beyond the detention I must also acknowledge that I was also dissapointed.

“I wonder why he took them so long, he took them dramatic arrest and everything only for them to come up with what I call, a crime is a crime but they are ridiculous charges, what we will have expected having kept him for so long they will come up with something better, something more robust, we’ve had allegations of terrorism financing and all of those things.

“So when I eventually saw the charge I actually became really dissapointed that this not what we expected.

“If the DSS will really wake up to her responsibility things like this they also tend to undermine the confidence the public is suppose to repose in such agencies.

” If you kept someone for that long and what you can come up with is you found gun in his house, which I said are criminal if he doesn’t have license to bear those things but the point is why all of the drama, why did it take you so long? People expected much and unfortunately from whom much is expected in this case little or nothing has been deliver.

” I hope the DSS will realise how things like this tend to damage the Institution himself.

“You don’t just keep citizens definitely in detention when you have little or nothing against them.

“They had better have something serious so that Peoples’ confident in this Institution will not be loss.”