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Why Mothers Must Always Look Out To Their Daughters In Marriage



Why Mothers Must Always Look Out To Their Daughters In Marriage

A resource Person for Television Continental,TVC, Ibinabo Dixon has urged mothers and relatives to always look out to their newly wedded daughter.

She said on Women FM Arepo community, Ogun State, on Monday, that doing this will enable them to know if things are going well with their daughter or not in her marriage.

Blaze Newz gathered that a man, Abdullahi Isa was alledged of dehumanising, locking up and starvating his wife for nearly two years in Maiduguri.

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According to the Women and Childrens’ rights activist, Comrade Lucy D. Yunana, said the incident occurred in the Gwange Three Area of Maiduguri, the state capital on Friday was inhumane.

She said the suspect, Isa Abdullahi claimed that they had seven children together but all are dead and her wife has been tormented by an evil spirit which was the reason he locked her up.

Commenting on the incident, Dixon blaimed the victim relatives for not checking up on their daughter stating that if she had been checked on earlier her husband might not be able to do what he did to her.

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Using this incident as a case study, Dixon advices mothers and relatives to frequently check on their daughter after marriage not as a means to create problem in her home but to confirm if she is fine.

She pinpointed that if their daughter’s husband is maltreating their daughter and they didn,t checked on her to know there won’t be anyone to rescue her and when they loss their daughter the man will marry another woman and they will be the one at lost.

She however urges all women to train up their female children in such a way that they will be attracted to a responsible man and not an irresponsible one stating that mothers should not be too far to their daughters.

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“Let’s address our family members, when their daughter is given out in marriage, you have not sold her out of your life, you have not sold her out to the other family she only got married.

“People will say, you should not go to her home to disturb her, they will so stay away from the marriage that even if the lady is dying they won’t know.

“Am not saying go and stay in the new couples home and become a problem to them but phone calls, visit once in a while, and the visit is not that you are not going to make it obvious that you are looking out for your daughter.

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‘Because if you don’t and if unfotunately, her husband is doing one thing crazy to her, there will be nobody to come to the rescue and you will know when you loss your daughter this man will get marry to somebody else and then you are the one at lost.

“Communication should continue even after the daughter is married, what you are going to be mindful of is seeking in unnecessary or sollucited advice that is what you dont want.

“When you raise your child to keep her home away from public opinion and public interferance, she might not even tell you anything wrong with her in that home.

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“That is why you need to visit and know what is going on in her home or else before you hear it, your daughter will just God forbid bad thing.

“And then you should bring up your child in a way that, she will not be driven towards an irresponsible man for whatever reason, she will be attracted to a responsible man.

“Nobody is perfect but atleast to the bearest minimum you know that if you check out this young man that want to marry your daugther, but na because one man get money then you allow your daughter to marry him one day he will break your daughter’s head and he will spend money to free himself from the punishment dont be too far from your daughter.” According to TVC resource person.

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Grace Shonde is a graduate of Icon Universal Polytechnic, Osogbo, with National Diploma (ND) in Mass Communication