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Concrete Spalling : Causes And Solution



Concrete Spalling : Causes And Solution

Spalling is the surface failure that occurs when a material such as concrete, brick, or limestone is subjected to excess moisture, corrosion, weathering, and much more.

Is concrete spalling dangerous?

Concrete spalling is more common in colder climates. Because spalling can be a sign of deep, dangerous damage that can result in further issues, it’s important to repair spalling at the first sign of brokenness or flaking.

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What causes Spalling?What does spalling look like?

They may look like round or oval depressions along the joints and surfaces.

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How to prevent concrete spalling?

a. Maintaining adequate cover to reinforcement.
b. Using vibrators for proper compactions.
c. Using silica free aggregates.
d. Adopting fix design ratio of concrete,
e. Using sulphate resisting cement in concrete.

How to fix spalling?

Using anti-rusting paint on corroded steel, water repellent paint on the surface and proper smooth finishing.

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What is the lifespan of concrete?

30-100 years.

What is the best Concrete resurfacer?

QUIKRETE� Concrete Resurfacer provides an economical alternative to removing and replacing existing old, concrete spalls.

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