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We Know You Have Access To Money Don’t Waste It On Vengeful Battle – Dele Momodu Tells Wike



We Know You Have Access To Money Don't Waste It On Vengeful Battle - Dele Momodu Tells Wike

The Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of Ovation International Magazine, Dele Momodu has advised the Immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike on his agitation towards destroying the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

He expressed disappointment over what Wike is doing that how can he( Wike) come down to the level of destroying his party stating that Wike should calm down.

Momodu said on Rave FM Osogbo on Frank Talk Friday’s edition that it is true that Wike has money and he is a great man but he should not waste it on vengeful battle.

He further stated that Wike can do whatever he likes to destroy PDP but he should know that APC did not trust him they are just after his money.

He said, if it is Wike’s destiny to become anything in life, it will surely come to past, so, Wike should learn to forgive because forgiveness is an integral part of democracy

“I don’t see how any man will remain in a party destroy the party and expect the other party he is pretending to work for to trust him.

“I have advised this gentleman time past, Governor Nyesom Wike now former governor.

“Right now he lost the PDP primary and he cannot remain inconsolable forever, no matter what he does he can do whatever he like to destroy PDP but APC will never trust him.

“I know Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu very well and I told you most of my friends are in APC nobody trust him but if you have money of course like sugar and ant, people will come to you until they help you finish what you have.

“Once upon a time he said APC was a cancer and how can he mix stomach pain or malaria to go and join a party of cancer.

“How can you bring yourself down so low to that level where you want to destroy your party? that is the respect that I had for my principal Atiku Abubarkar when he had problem with the PDP he left.

“He didn’t say he is coming to destroy the party, same thing with Saraki same thing with Famuyiwa they all left and came back so there is nothing wrong with being angry but when you are angry please think and be wise.

“If anybody knew that they will allow a tempesteous politician to come into their party and come and cause the same havoc in their party it doesn’t make sense to me

“To anybody who knows this thing as I do should kindly advise him that he should just calm down, yes we all know you are a great man we all know you have access to so much money and you are generous enough to spend it.

“But don’t waste it on a vengeful battle leave vengeance to God if you feel that you’ve been offended then leave it to God and then you didn’t go to court you could have challenge the thing in court I mean that is why I respect Atiku Abubarkar till tomorrow the man never call for violence.

“If it is your destiny to become anything in life it will surely come to past my advise is that when you are angry the only option you have is to go to court, forgiveness is an integral part of democracy. Said Momodu.

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