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NLC Pioneer President Summons FG On Price Control



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The pioneer President of the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC, Hassan Sunmonu has summoned the Federal government to control the prices of goods and services so as to protect ordinary Nigerians from unnecessary increases.

He expressed disappointment on how the Federal government are not controlling the prices of goods and services in the country.

Sunmonu reiterated on how the policies made by government has given some Nigerians the liberty of increasing the prices of goods and services anyhow they like hereby not protecting the interest of the ordinary citizens of Nigeria.

He further warned the Federal government to be careful of their Liberal economic policies that what Nigeria need is their objectivity on every of their idea and decisions.

“I think our government should be careful of this new liberal economic policies I think the basic needs of Nigeria people should be a cardinal objective of any government whether in idea or elsewhere in the world and our government is not doing that.” Said Sunmonu

According to the Pioneer President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, “government is not controlling price, they are not controlling transport fare.

“In Ghana where I worked for over twenty six years no petrol dealer, no driver can increase the prices of transport and petrol on their own like that without the authorization of the government.

“Everybody is just free to do whatever he want to do and you know In Nigeria nobody is protecting the interest of the ordinary people everybody is doing what he want.

“The employer can do what he want, the market too can decide on any price, there should be some form of price control to cushion workers and the ordinary people from the effect of the unnecessary increases.

“We were been told now that by the end of the month the price of electricity will increase by forty percent.

“I just cannot understand that ordinary people and workers are not adequately protected by policies of government.”