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Ekiti First Lady, Mrs Oyebanji Drums Support For Chef Dammy



Ekiti First Lady, Mrs Oyebanji Drum Support For Chef Dammy

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, the first Lady of Ekiti State, Dr. (Mrs) Olayemi Oyebanji, has emerged as a fervent supporter of Chef Dammy, the determined undergraduate who is currently striving to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

The first Lady, recognizing the immense talent and courage exhibited by Chef Dammy, has taken it upon herself to drum up support for the young culinary prodigy within the state.

With an unwavering belief in Chef Dammy’s abilities, Dr. (Mrs) Olayemi Oyebanji embarked on a mission to rally the people of Ekiti to throw their support behind the aspiring record-breaker.

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Recognizing the significance of Chef Dammy’s endeavor, the first Lady has urged fellow citizens to celebrate and champion her bold pursuit of the Guinness World Record.

Through public appearances and social media engagements, Dr. (Mrs) Olayemi Oyebanji has been vocal in her admiration for Chef Dammy’s determination and talent.

She has emphasized the importance of standing united as a community to uplift and encourage the younger generation, particularly those who dare to dream big and make a positive impact.

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Ekiti State First Lady, Dr. Olayemi Oyebanji, drums support for Chef Dammy.
Snapshot of Chef Dammy’s timer at 73-hour mark out of 120-hour target. Photo Credit: @dammypas Source: Twitter
Chef Dammy, undoubtedly, has found a formidable ally in Dr. (Mrs) Olayemi Oyebanji.

As Chef Dammy continues her marathon cooking journey, she can be assured of the unwavering support and admiration of both the First Lady and the people of Ekiti.

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