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La Liga: Reasons Why Xavi Doesn’t Like Pablo Torre



Reasons Why Xavi Doesn’t Like Pablo Torre

Barcelona’s renowned midfielder, Xavi Hernandez, has recently opened up about his reservations concerning teammate Pablo Torre.

While Xavi admitted that the fierce competition for places within the team played a significant role in Torre’s limited game time, he believes there may be deeper reasons for his reluctance to utilize the young talent.

Throughout the just concluded La Liga season, Torre has found himself predominantly warming the bench, despite the team’s desperate need for creative play during Pedri’s absence. This puzzling lack of utilization raised questions among fans and pundits alike, prompting Xavi to shed some light on the matter.

While various claims have surfaced regarding Torre’s attitude and affinity for the nightlife, Xavi was quick to dismiss these allegations. It seems that Torre’s character off the field is not a factor in Xavi’s reservations about the player.

Instead, Xavi suggests that there may be underlying issues that have contributed to his reluctance to fully embrace Torre’s potential. It is clear that Xavi believes there is more to Torre’s game that he has yet to witness, which has influenced his decision to limit the youngster’s playing time.

As the season progresses and Barcelona aims to regain its former glory, the spotlight will remain on Torre and his relationship with Xavi. Supporters will undoubtedly be eager to see if the young talent can prove himself worthy of more game time and, in turn, change Xavi’s opinion.

Only time will tell whether Torre can break free from his current predicament and showcase his true abilities on the pitch. Until then, fans will continue to speculate and scrutinize the reasons behind Xavi’s reservations regarding Pablo Torre.

When asked about Pablo Torre in a recent interview, Xavi said “I know I’m unfair as a coach with players playing less. Sometimes I think about the players. But I have to decide and be honest with myself.”

“If Pablo Torre played, they would ask me about Raphinha… We always see that they ask us about someone who hasn’t played and it’s normal because that’s part of football.”

Hammed Tajudeen is a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication

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