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Nigerians Cautioned Against High Expectations On Tinubu’s Administration



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A legal practitioner Dr. Dayo Sobowale has cautioned Nigerians against high expectations towards the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Blaze Newz recalls that Tinubu said on Sunday that, “we must fight corruption, poverty, inconsistencies in policies and many other problems confronting us.

“But, don’t pity me I asked for the job, I campaigned for it, no excuses, I will live up to the bill to deliver, I promise you.”

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Making reference to Tinubu’s statement on Rave FM Osogbo on Monday, Sobowale advised Nigerians not to because of Tinubu’s statement and set high expectations on his administration.

He said this by referring to what Mohammadu Buhari also said some years ago, which is, “am for nobody am for everybody”, yet, he didn’t live up to people’s expectation in his administration.

Sobowale emphasis that there is a limitation to what a president can do because there are rules and procedures to follow and there is seperation of powers which make it difficult for president to do whatever they like.

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He said president can be impeach, but it can only be possible for Tinubu to make some improvement because of his connection.

According to Sobowale, “the reason why I belief that Asiwaju will bring some improvement is because of his connect.

“What we have today in Abuja have not been like this in the past, the number of people the number of presidents that we have around.

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“Don’t forget that we have seperation of powers people are always too expectant, that is why we are always dissapointed.

” I once said it on this station that when you call someone a law maker is not a road maker, let him go make laws but we will be expecting them to come back and distribute money.

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“When Bola Ahmed Tinubu said that yesterday, the same way built round what Buhari said, we felt “am for nobody am for everybody” means that he can just come and pick a Sobowale to become minister.

“Is not going to work because there are rules, there are procedure that have to be follow, people are expecting that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is going to come up now and now tell us that a dollar is now equal to a naira, is not going to happen overnight.

“We need to understand where our problems came from and understand that except we institutionalise things and build a working system we are not going to get any different.

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“Am not really excited, is the system that am concern with, during the election some people stood with him( Tinubu) now that he had become president of course is not president of a political party, is now the president of Nigeria but we expect him to suddenly start looking for good Nigerians who didn’t bring him into office this will not happen.

“Realistically it won’t happen, okay, look at my knowledge in education, will I not be day dreaming if I expect the president to just call my number and tell me Sobowale, you are the next Minister of Education there is nothing I cannot handle in that sector but does he know me?

“What did I contribute to his becoming president, apart from my vote?

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“These are fact, if we sit down and face the fact, it will be easier for us to address our issue, Nigeria is a consuming nation we keep consuming we are not producing.

“The only thing I expect from the president is to bring up legacies, Policies that will make things work.

“He’s not going to perform any magic, he’s not going to perform any miracle, there is no Messiah anywhere we just need a working system and we all must be ready to make things work.

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“Each time Nigerians are complaining we are always talking about president, we have forgotten about seperation of powers, the president is also limited, the president can be impeach, the president cannot just come up and tell you, this is what I want.”

Grace Shonde is a graduate of Icon Universal Polytechnic, Osogbo, with National Diploma (ND) in Mass Communication


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