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IDAN Doesn’t Break — President-elect, Tinubu Hails Hilda Baci



IDAN Doesn’t Break — President-elect, Tinubu Hails Hilda Baci

The President-elect of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu, has showered his support for the determined chef, Hilda Baci on her quest to break the Guinness World Records.

The Anambra-born chef continues to pull massive support nationwide as she is set to break the record for the longest cooking time.

During her live streaming session on the image-sharing platform, Instagram, the APC party leader, Bola Tinubu joined in to support Hilda Baci in her quest.

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Employing the trending slang IDAN which means ‘magic or charming’, Tinubu informed the chef of having his full support.

“IDAN doesn’t break, she breaks records. We are rooting for you Hilda,” he wrote.

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Hilda Baci is currently at over 70 hours and has a few hours left to beat the longest cooking time of 87 hours, 45 minutes set by Chef Lata London in Rewa, India in 2019.


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