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Life In Osun, Nigeria



Osun State, a state in southwestern Nigeria; bounded to the east by Ekiti and Ondo states.

To the north by Kwara State, to the south by Ogun State and to the west by Oyo State. Named for the River Osun a vital river which flows through the state the state was formed from the southeast of Oyo State on 27 August 1991 and has its capital as the city of Osogbo.

Of the 36 states of Nigeria, Osun is the ninth smallest in area and nineteenth most populous with an estimated population of about 4.7 million as of 2016.

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Geographically, the state is divided between the Nigerian lowland forests in most of the state and the drier Guinean forest–savanna mosaic in the north.

The major geographical features are rivers including the state’s namesake, the River Osun which bisects the state’s interior before forming much of the state’s southwestern border with Oyo State and flowing south.

Other important rivers are the Erinle and Obarivers, both Osun tributaries which flow from the north before meeting the Osun along the southwestern border.

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Among the state’s fauna are mona monkey, common kestrel, purple heron, and royal antelope, along with some of Nigeria’s last remaining Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee and African forest elephantwhich inhabit the heavily threatened forests along the southern borders with Ondo and Ogun states.

Osun State is primarily inhabited by the Yoruba people, mainly of the Ibolo, Ifẹ, Igbomina, Ijesha, and Oyo subgroups.

Every states have their ways of living but Osun State is exceptional.

Osun’s economy is based mainly on Agriculture, major crops include yam, cassava, corn, millet, plantains e.t. c

Talking about Osogbo Osun’s state capital, which seats Olorunda and Osogbo Local Government Areas.

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Osogbo is a city with blessed cool weather and green environment it is very peaceful and serene.

Talking about the basic necessities of life in Osogbo starting with Food.

Food as known that it is important in life, getting fresh vegetables is very easy infact most of their vegetables are fresh.

Housing in Osogbo is expensive but not up to that of Lagos state.

You can still see a 3- bedroom flat of two hundred thousand, a room apartment with minimum of forty five thousand naira.

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Transportation in Osogbo is very easy and cheap compare to other states in Nigeria.

You can travel from Osogbo to Owode a 14km distance with N200 as your to and fro transport fare.

Even there is still N50 transportation as drivers in other states has banned it ever since the increase in price of Petroleum

The most popular means of transportation is Mini bus also known as” Korope” which can contain eight passengers.

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One of the states you cannot go out at late at night to buy things and get is Osun state most expecially the state capital, Osogbo.

Osogbo’s traders don’t stay out late
to sell their goods neither do they open shop very early.

Their earliest opening hour is nine in the morning, and their latest closing hour is nine in the evening.

Election is always recorded to be a peaceful one in Osun State especially the state capital Osogbo.

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