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Stop Defending Your Worst Government



Stop Defending Your Worst Government

Awofadeju Peter Olayinka, PhD

Like leader, like follower. Omipidan should stop to be defending his bad and unproductive leader in the media space.

People of Osun State never voted your boss in the first place in year 2018, he stole the mandate of Senator Ademola Adeleke with the federal power to emerged as Osun State governor. He should not think same can happen this time around too.

Pursuing power is deferent from being able to use it responsibly. Oyetola’s four years was full of blame trade between his tenure and his predecessor. He could not complete the work started by his predecessor, nor paid the thirty month half salaries owed by his predecessor while he was his chief of staff.

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What moral does Omipidan has to be criticizing the working government of Senator Ademola Adeleke?

The abandoned road for good twelve years, half salaries not paid through out Oyetola’s time and pensioners money which Oyetola ignored, he even said that he did not owe civil servants money, Senator Ademola Adeleke under one hundred days in office got them paid, the road has been done to Ikirun town.

Omipidan who was not different from the civil servant apart the political appointment, hide under his boss to spend Osun State money to pursue his Ph.D programme in Mass Communication in Private University (Redeemers University), living large and many of their party when they were in power.

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Omipidan should come to an electronic media with phone in programme to defend achievement of his boss and to compare his boss four years in office with one hundred days of Senator Ademola Adeleke in office.
People of Osun State have known the truth; he should stop to be ranting on the media defending his boss government in Osun State.

Apart from the road leading to Iragbiji from Testing Ground which was done with selfish interest and Agunbe-Elewo road, Omipidan should tell Osun people other road started and completed within their four years in office.

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People Democratic Party do not have time to be exchanging words with you and your boss, but sometimes we need to let you know the truth in case you have quickly forgotten how bad you treated people of Osun State.

Waiting for the Appeal’s case, People of Osun State have proven the victory of Senator Ademola Adeleke in the Presidential, Senatorial and House of Representative elections that we voted Senator Ademola Adeleke during governorship elections.

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Coming election this weekend, all the candidates of People Democratic Party shall win the House of Assembly in Osun State to rest your agitations.

Hammed Tajudeen is a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication

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