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Will Nigerians Return To Their Normal Life Before The Introduction Of Cashless Policy



Situation is unpredictable, no one can tell what will happen tomorrow, it is today we see, no one knows tomorrow.

No Nigerians will ever think that a day will come, whereby, a person will have money in the bank account but wont be able to withdraw it.

Who will ever think that one will use money to buy the money one work for?

No one will ever think that a day will come, whereby, you will have money to buy things you want but will be limited to what you can buy.

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The question now is, will Nigerians return to their normal life, before the introduction of cashless policy?

Cashless policy brought an unforgettable experience to all Nigerians across all states.

It was introduced in 2012 during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, but was brought into existence in 2023 in the tenure of President Mohammed Buhari after the redesign of N200, N500 and N1000 notes.

This policy came into existence few months to the 2023 general elections, the policy according to Central Bank of Nigeria only allows an individual to withdraw the highest amount of fifty thousand per day which is the limit for a week.

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Gradually, it was reduced to ten thousand naira due to inaccessibility of of cash by commercial banks from CBN, but, before you could withdraw the money, you would have spend most of your days at the bank.

People started spending their days, and even keep vigil at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) gallery like someone who is homeless with the hope that they will be among the first people to be attended to the next day.

Many will wake up as early as 5:00 am to find their ways to the banks with hope of withdrawing money, unfortunately, many will return home without achieving their goal.

Banks become a wrestling ring, fights are recorded almost everyday and different form of protest.

Distruptions of banking process and destructions of banks were reported across the country, bankers were filmed jumping fence to save themselves from angry customers who are ready to attack them.

Bank security men who usually dress in uniform now disguise in muftis ,because they know that any little misunderstanding can lead to attack on them.

People do not bother about long distance anymore,they trek to anywhere trekable so as to manage the cash with them.

Incidents of customers who slumped and died while struggling to withdraw their money in the bank were recorded.

In Osogbo, the number of people going to the markets decrease due to low cash in circulation, the only means people now buy goods is to transfer to the seller.

However, in such condition you will wait for the seller to confirm the money.

Because of the stress people go through at the markets, they decided to stay at home and buy whatever they want to buy at their vicinity.

Some church goers who reside far from their worship centres home now absent themselves from their week service due to no cash.

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Some who even find their way to their churches find it difficult to pay their offering.

Many beggars find their way back to their village due to low patronage.

The situation keep on getting worse as people keep on lamenting across all states.

Nigerian enjoy going to birthday party, wedding ceremony, burial funeral, they are used to spreading of naira notes before the scarcity of naira notes.

Aso Ebi, cap and gele of different color with high tag price are part of glamour of party in Nigerian clime.

Shopping expensive gift for lovers without minding the high cost is also part of Nigerians before the scarcity of naira notes, the one million questions is ,Will Nigerians Return To Their Normal Life Before The Introduction Of Cashless Policy?

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