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The Dangers Of Obasanjo Rantings



The Dangers Of Obasanjo Rantings

Ali Abubakar Sadiq

The law has its provisions…no matter how much we disagree with an outcome of election the only means of redress are the courts. Obasanjo is grossly irresponsible for calling of the cancellation of results and new elections in a week.

Elections under his tenure were the worst in our history to a point that his beneficiary (Yar Adua in 2007) admits it publicly. Yet the opposition follow due process and went up to the Supreme court twice as he presided over the elections.

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Jonathan was magnanimous enough to congratulate the opposition even before Borno results were announced. This election was one of the best in terms of less violence, monetary inducement and coercion.

Besides who could imagine Tinubu loosing Lagos and Buhari loosing Katsina? The opposition didnt do their homework well despite great opportunity to cash-in on the ruling party’s glaring failures.

Elections are won by strategy and media the world over. We have seen how Philippines foisted a hated dictators son through aggressive media campaign, how Trump was defeated two years ago.

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The APC used the media card to its advantage and appeared to be winning while Labour using the same strategy appears to be doing better than PDP in many areas. PDP has lost by its own omission not through anyone’s commission.

They lost the election by allowing the Wike factor dragged into election day. They didn’t use media as they should have done, thinking some sort of collusion with some powerful people in Abuja could give them the victory they need. They now know better.

Those of us old enough to remember the Abiola saga will strongly oppose any attempt by whatsoever means to suspend collation and announcement of results at this juncture.

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The APC government had suffocated Nigerians with bad policies and misgovernance especially at its twilight years making so many people hungry and of course very angry.

A slight nudge could send millions of our youths on the street and if that should happen then endsars would be a chicken feed compared to what the current incitement could trigger.

Nigeria at this moment is like a stack hay waiting for the match stick that Obasanjo, Dino and outside colluders are trying to ignite.
Let us remember Libya, that is still burning a decade after Ghaddafi, as a result of his act of omission, which helped in igniting the fire that consumed him and his country.

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European Union, African Union and Ecowas should know if Nigeria is on fire it will consume them too. Five million of us, as refugees, could destabilize the whole west Africa, 20 million of us could destabilize Africa, 50 million of our refugees could destabilize the world and the European union will be the first to suffer.

The European Union shouldn’t have forgotten how Nemesis caught up with them a few years back when they collude in the destruction of Libya and Syria. The wave of refugees towards Europe triggered the Brexit move that Europe and UK are still suffering from and will do for many years to come.

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Peace in Nigeria is for the interest of everyone, especially our youth that have much chance for a longer life, do not let old and spent people like Obasanjo/Dino scuttle the chance for you. Without peace nothing works and a slight peep at Libya is enough for the wise.

We were schedule to go down in 2015 and all the factors came to a head with the election moment when Orubebe made his dramatics but God through Jonathan saved us. History is trying to repeat itself and Dino Melaye and his cohorts are nudging us towards perfidy…the choice is ours.

Hammed Tajudeen is a graduate of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication

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