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Education Does Not Guarantee Your Success In Life



Education is good, education is life, education is important, it is the best legacy and the key to success.

When I write that it is a key to success it does not mean it will guarantee your success in life.

Education is the act of impacting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the power of reasoning and judgement and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability.

Education is an investment in our future. It makes us better prepared to learn new skills and do things we’ve never done before, whether that’s advancing in our careers or pursuing a new hobby or interest.

Moreso, Education is an essential component of any society. It helps people develop the skills and mindset to navigate a rapidly changing world.

The keyword of education is learning or acquiring knowledge, and learning is not limited to schools only as many see it.

Learning can either be formal or informal this is determine according to the setting.

Formal education is a structured and systematic form of learning. This is the education of a certain standard delivered to students by trained teachers.

Also, formal education refers to the systematic and sequential acquiring of knowledge and skills – usually at a school, university, or college.

While, Informal education happens in our day-to-day lives. These are life experiences that decide our attitudes, values, etc.

Focusing mainly on formal education, according to the immediate past Rector of Osun State Polythecnic Iree, Dr.Woye Olaniran he once said, “Education is not to better the life of an individual, but to keep the society alive. ”

Looking at how things are in Nigeria, that you are OND(Ordinary National Diploma), HND( Higher National Diploma), BSc( Bachelor of Sciences) holder etc does not guarantee your success in life.

You are the architect of your success in life, know that education will expose you, it is what you do with your exposure that matters.

Graduate! Leave the mentality of colar job and face the realities of life.

Who told you that as a graduate you cannot be selling Pepper, Garri, Stock fish, etc, it is your packaging that will make you stand out.

Have you forgotten that you were being taught packaging in marketing in school? practicalise it and see the changes it will bring to the society and your life.

Don’t waste that ability you got through solving World problem in Mathematics which indicated the fact that to every difficulties in life, there is always a solution.

So, look for the solution to what serve as challenge to your society and make them feel the impact of education.

That you are educated, does not mean you cannot involve in jobs that uneducated people are engaging in.

What you need is to apply those skills you were being taught in school and bring out the best out of it.

Education has given you the key, only the wise will make use of the key to enter into success.

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