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Naira Scarcity: Petty Traders Reject Payment With Transfer In Osun



As the ongoing naira scarcity continues to linger across all states in Nigeria, petty traders are rejecting transfer payment in Osun State.

Some of the petty traders who spoke with Blaze Newz on Wednesday within the state capital, Osogbo, expressed their fear on fake alert.

The petty traders who sell goods within the range of 10 to 500 said if they are collecting transfer they will be the one at lost.

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According to a pepper seller who simply identified herself as Iya Ayo ” what is going to be my gain if I am collecting two hundred naira transfer and the bank will also deduct their own charges? ”

She further explained that , “Some people are hiding under this present situation to do fake transfer, instead of me to fall victim, rather, I will not collect transfer.”

” I will start collecting transfer, if those who, I also buy my goods from will collect transfer from me” Garri seller promised.

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In her own reaction a vegetable seller said, ” it is not that I can eat all my vegetables by myself, as a matter of fact, it is perishable but I don’t even know how to differentiate real alert to fake ones”.

A palmoil seller however said, ” some customers are so funny to the extent that, they will want you to give them change that is more than the goods they brought from you so that they could have cash”.

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A roadside melon seller, Abubakar said, ” you cannot compare me that my profit is fifty naira to those that are making five hundred naira profit per goods.

“I prefer cash than transfer, despite patronage has gone down” he said.

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