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Natural Disasters: The Causes, Solution, And Preventive Measure



Everything created in this world are meant to be of good use and benefits to every living things.

The trees, water, sand, etc are all important to human beings but their disadvantages could destroy a whole nation when not taken care of.

The disadvantages of these natural things are known as Natural disaster.

Natural disaster is a major event caused by theNatural Disasters: The Causes, Solution, And Preventive Measure natural processes of the earth ,contains of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other geologic processes.

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A natural disaster causes loss of life or property damage, and leaves some economic damage afterwards costing millions.

What makes natural disaster to be a disaster is when it happens in an inhabitated area. But if a natural disaster happens in an uninhabitated areas it is usually not seen as a disaster.

An adverse event will not rise to the level of a disaster if it occurs in an area without vulnerable population. In a vulnerable area, however, such as Nepa during the 2015 earthquake and the latest in Syria and Turkey of February 2023, an earthquake can have disastrous consequences and leave lasting damage, which can require years to repair.

Disasters are serious disruptions to the functioning of a community that exceed its capacity to cope using its own resources. Disasters can be caused by natural, man-made and technological hazards, as well as various factors that influence the exposure and vulnerability of a community.

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In modern times, the divide between natural, man-made and man-accelerated disasters is quite difficult to draw.Human choices and activities like architecture, fire, resource management or even climate change potentially play a role in causing “natural disasters”. In fact, the term “natural disaster” has been called a misnomer already in 1976. A disaster is a result of a natural or man-made hazard impacting a vulnerable community

Apart from natural causes, disasters can occur due to antropogenic causes.
Activities like deforestation, agricultural practices, mining, etc., can cause landslides. In addition, wildfires can again damage the natural habitat of plants and animals.

There are five main types of natural disasters, they are:Geological disasters, Meteorological disasters, Wildfire,Hydrological disaster, Space disaster,

Changes in the above or underneath the earth’s surface cause geological disasters. The effects of natural disasters due to tectonic plates are unpredictable and beyond human control. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, avalanches, etc., are examples of geological disasters.

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Meteorological disasters are mainly caused by extreme weather conditions such as drought, snow, and rain. These disasters affect the weather forming process and atmospheric conditions. Examples of meteorological disasters include blizzards, drought, cold waves, tornadoes, cyclonic storms, etc.

Natural disasters like drought and lightning can lead to wildfires. However, many humans also start fires in forests to create space for agricultural land.

Hydrological disasters are caused due to sudden changes in the quality or distribution of water below the earth’s surface or atmospheric conditions. Flood and drought both fall under hydrological disasters. These disasters can cause harm to agriculture and properties. Limnic eruption, Tsunami, Volcano, etc., are examples of Hydrological disasters.

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This includes disasters caused due to asteroids, meteors, and solar flares.

People who live through a disaster can experience emotional distress. Feelings of anxiety, constant worrying, trouble sleeping, and other depression-like symptoms are common responses to disasters before, during, and after the event.

Many people are able to “bounce back” from disasters with help from family and the community, but others may need additional support to cope and move forward on the path of recovery. Anyone can be at risk, including survivors living in the impacted areas and first responders and recovery workers.

Since it is impossible to stop the occurrence of natural disasters, it is crucial to find ways to alleviate the adverse effects.

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Some methods that can be use use to reduce natural disaster are: Preparing emergency measures- medical kits, keeping a tab over weather updates, Reforestation, Risk reduction methods- building shelters and stocking food supplies, Information sharing,

Investing in technology for accurate weather predictions, Economic support,
Evacuating areas closer to disaster.

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