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Don’t Allow Fuel, New Naira Notes Scarcity To Trigger Nationwide Protest – Osun CSO Warns Buhari



Don't Allow Fuel, New Naira Notes Scarcity To Trigger Nationwide Protest - Osun CSO Warns Buhari

Following the face of the ongoing hardship and lingering fuel scarcity and non-availability of the redesigned Naira notes, Osun Civil Societies Coalition ​​​​​​Peoples Advocates has threatened to embark on street protest if the hardship continue.

The Coalition condemned pains being experienced by the common Nigerians in getting cash for their livelihood, stated that many businesses nearly collapsed.

The CSO lead by Comrade Waheed Lawal sounded the warning in press conference held in Osogbo on Monday, stated that they will hit the street anytime soon.

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Comrade Waheed Lawal said, There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigerians are going through hell in getting fuel and cash for personal use and business purposes.

According to him,”While we are not questioning the sincerity of the Federal Government on the financial policy, we are constrained to give volume to the murmuring, groaning and cries of Nigerians who have been badly hit by the economic dragon.

“Considering the pains being experienced by the common men in getting cash for their livelihood, it would not be out of place to declare that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government is inconsiderate and insensitive to the plight of the citizens.

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“The Central Bank of Nigeria led by Mr Godwin Emefiele has clearly been playing hide-and-seek game on the circulation of the new naira notes.

“We acknowledged the fact that there are saboteurs among the top echelon of the banking industries, but the CBN has not also released enough amount of the redesigned denominations to banks through which they can be disbursed to the generality of people. This is responsible for the ridiculous amount of cash being paid to the people over the counter.

“We need not to tell you the agony of Nigerians who queue for more than six hours hours to get cash from ATM. Some people are even unlucky as they will not be able to get cash at the end of the day after spending several hours on the queue.”

He stated that the withdrawal of the old naira notes and refusal of the CBN to release enough of the redesigned denominations amount to a deliberate attempt to punish Nigerians unjustly.

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“Economically, the scarcity of cash has crippled many businesses and further push millions of Nigerians far below the poverty line. Petty traders do no longer make sales because of cash transaction which their trading depends upon. We make bold to say that this financial policy of the Federal Government is doing more harm than good presently. There should have been another way round to maintain a balance between cash control and the wellbeing of the people.

“Dear Compatriots, it is pathetic that we are experiencing a double jeopardy – a situation where there is no cash, and there is no fuel. The scarcity of fuel has been lingering for months without any end in sight. It is unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari who directly supervises the Ministry of Petroleum Resources has been paying lip service to ensuring that fuel is available at affordable rate for Nigerians. It equally speaks volume of a President that has been supervising everything that has to do with petroleum resources to ask for seven days to address the fuel scarcity.

“The two key issues have taken away the dignity of majority of Nigerians. We have seen videos where men and women stripped themselves naked in protest against their inability to get cash. Car owners have for long been sleeping at filling stations for fuel.

“Many people have been injured as a result of fights at filling stations and ATM centres. In Osun today, we have filling stations selling fuel between N350 and N400 per litre. The masses remain the end receiver of this economic mismanagement. The reverberating effect falls on the common people who goes to market to buy foodstuffs, board public transport, pay bills, etc.

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“The scarcity of fuel and cash is a calamity that needed to be addressed urgently. Nigerians have been pushed to the wall, and this ongoing provocation, if care is not taken, might trigger violent protest nationwide in which #EndSARs might be a child play. It is the awareness of this fact, coupled with intelligent report that made us to suspend the mass protest that was supposed to be held today. We do not want to create platform for some elements whose only language they understand is violence.

“The outcome of last week protest in Ibadan and Benin is an indication that Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpower. The hardship is becoming unbearable to the generality of the people.

“We are demanding that the Central Bank of Nigeria should make enough amount of the new naira notes available to the banks for onward disbursement to the general public. We call on security operatives and anti-graft agencies to go after bank managers and other officials who have been hoarding the new naira notes and sabotaging other processes of getting the new denominations widely circulated.

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“We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to be more sensitive to the plight of the people. May we alert him that Nigeria is fallen apart under the watch of his administration.

“The return of fuel scarcity is nothing but a pointer to the success or otherwise of his administrations. We demand an end to the fuel scarcity now! We need the president to be compassionate in addressing the fuel scarcity.

“While we suspend our protest for today, we will hit the street anytime soon if the cash and fuel scarcity persists.

“May we use this opportunity to call on security agencies in Osun to arrest the growing ugly trend of thuggery, brigandage, cultism, political violence, kidnapping and insecurity generally. These forms of criminalities have been threatening the peace and safety of the people of the state.”

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