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Skill Acquisition Does Not Kill



People often say; Knowledge does not come in a vacuum. Knowledge does not descend on people, but only those that seek for it, acquire it.

Knowledge can be acquired in diverse ways and places, in the school knowledge can be acquired, in the church knowledge can be acquired acquired, in a workshop knowledge can also be acquired which means virtually in every aspects of our lives knowledge is available.

One of the way we acquire knowledge is through skill acquisition, which is the enemy of many youths because of the tasks that revolve around it.

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Skill acquisition is a developmemt of new skill practice ,or way of during things, usually gained through training and experience. Imbeded in gaining experience is much task to do.

The task is not the problem neither acquiring the skill is the problem but enduring the task in acquiring the skill is the problem.

We are now in the era when many youths don’t find delight in acquiring skill with the mindset of bosses or wicked seniors.But one truth about life is that a good servant becomes a good leader which means one need to serve before being served.

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In essence, skill acquisition does not kills rather, it grooms, put an end to laziness, excuses etc in you
So that you can be useful for yourself, the society, the state and the country you are in.

Only those who endure the process of acquiring skills will benefits from the skills.

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