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Life As A Youth



Life As A Youth

Everything in life have their time and season, which can also be referred to as stages. Stages always come to things that have seed to grow. Hence, growth is inevitable in life and anything that is not growing is dyeing.

As plants experience growth, Animals do, so also is human being. Looking into the stages of life of human being, there is a stage as a foetus, as a baby, as a child, as an adult and as an aged.

Stage as a foetus is the stage whereby an unborn offspring develops and grows inside the womb. Stage as a baby is a stage where the foetus mature and is being given birth to as an extremely young human being.

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Stage as a child is a stage at which the extremely young human being is getting mature into a young person especially between infancy and puberty. Stage as an adult is a stage of being fully grown or being
of age.

Adult stage is the most dangerous stage in life because any wrong decision will surely affect the remaining days to live on earth which is why every adult should always think and seek before making any decision.

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This stage can also be refers to as youth stage, and life as a youth is always fun compare to any other stages in life, a stage whereby you will have to make some decisions in which you cannot be checkmate.

Mind you, it is not only your decision that will have consequence, your relationship with people, the friends you keep, the people you listen to ( Mentor), the attitude you maintain etc will all have its consequence whether positively or negatively.

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Ask from any great politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, Entreprenuers etc, you will heard them tracing their stories back to when they were still youths.

The life you live as a youth is what will determine how you will live the rest of your life on earth, which means to live the best life ever or a regrettable life ever will be determine by the choices and decisions you made as a youth, remember that man cannot be greater or better than his/her choices and decisions in life.

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