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Insecurity And Threat To Life; A Way Out




By Dr. Peter Awofadeju

To be proactive is to avoid threat to lives and property. I wrote an article in year 2016 where i advised federal government to legalize the use of fire arms by the citizen with conditions to defend themselves against Boko Haram terrorist and from robbers.

Though many criticized the write up from the angle that we are not mature enough to handle fire arms to defend ourselves and properties. This legalization of arms will reduce crimes from every states and towns, this will equally set fear in the minds of evil people as they know that people will always defend themselves.


Surprisingly, many state governors and law makers raised same advice to the federal government as the activities of these evil groups (Boko Haram and ISWAP) is increasing every time.

But with all these calls, federal government still turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the suggestions from the reliable people of this country that advise what can be done to get out of this menace.

Taking this would have reduced if not totally eradicated the act of terrorism by now.

T Razzy

Presently, there are threats to kidnap Mr. President, governors, law maker and to attack Lagos, Abuja, Kogi and some other states. Recently, these groups of terrorists attacked presidential guard who are soldiers and killed some of them in Abuja.

Due to this, Nasarawa State declared that all schools either private or public should close till further notice due to the threat to attack Abuja, and Nasarawa State is very close to Abuja.

Law makers equally issue six weeks ultimatum to Mr. President to find lasting solution to the issue of insecurity or face impeachment.

If these group could attack presidential guard, killed some of them, it means that their threat is real, and will surely be carried out.

If Mr. President is kidnapped, the control of the country will be in the hands of the terrorists as it happened recently in Mali. with this, federal government have to do more than usual in tackling the issue at hand.

There are two option which if federal government could do with the presence of national security to reduce or put terrorism to an end in Nigeria.

Federal government can legalize fire arms to citizen from age 25 years upward, who has graduated from higher institution and working with other conditions that can be included to control the number of people that can have access to the arms.

Secondly, is that federal government should approve the establishment of state police. These two can work side by side with existing security to cub the insecurity. If security compromise, people will defend themselves from the terrorists.

Yet, I have a question. Why is it that our security personnel are inactive in Northern part of the country but very active in the Southwest? to arrest Nnadi Kanu and to attack Sunday Adeyemo known as Sunday Igboho, they were active, to attack IPOB in the East, they were active, but to attack ISWAP and Boko Haram has always been difficult for them.

Recently, in Zamfara State, a repentant terrorist was given chieftaincy title, before this, it has been the habit of federal government to be releasing all these repentant terrorists which have always been going back to their vomit.

I want to advise leaders in the Southwestern part of the country to wake up from their slumber not to allow religion or political parties to divide them, they should work together to defend their land from the intending attack from these terrorist groups if federal government will not be ready to secure the citizens.

They have started attacking Southwest already, twice now they have attacked home town of governor of Ondo State in Owo and Igangan in Oyo State. The preparation should be taken more seriously before you will be taken unaware.

Hammed Tajudeen is the Editor-In-Chief of Blaze Newz Nigeria, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree with Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mass Communication.

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