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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying An Electric Car



Electric cars are the future of automobiles. Car manufacturers are beginning to make available different models and specs of electric cars to the public. Perhaps you really want to go all-electric too, but then, you have concerns about buying an electric vehicle. Here are 7 things you should know before buying an electric car.

You might be thinking electric cars cannot be as fast as regular gasoline-powered cars. But, that’s not true. Depending on the speed you are comfortable with, some electric cars can run as fast as the Porsche’s 918 Spyder supercar. For instance, the latest Tesla Model S sports a ‘Ludicrous Mode’ that allows the four-door saloon to sprint to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds! You cannot just generalise that electric cars are slow and can’t give you the speed you desire. What you should do is identify your needs and search for electric cars that meet those needs.

Can Electric Vehicles Really Work In Nigeria?
The Battery Is The Most Expensive Unit Of An Electric Vehicle

Electric cars are powered by electric motors using the energy stored in rechargeable batteries installed in the car. Without a battery, your electric car can’t work. This can bring a scare because this means that you will be spending a lot to replace your battery in case of damage. Depending on the model, electric vehicle batteries cost between 800,000 – 3,000,000 NGN. It’s important you are aware of how important and costly the battery of an EV is so that you will take proper care to maintain it. Usually, the batteries of an EV come with a warranty; this implies that if anything goes wrong with it during the warranty period, you stand a chance of getting it repaired or replaced for free.

Not All Electric Cars Are Very Expensive

While it’s true that electric vehicles can be very expensive- running into tens or hundreds of millions of naira; you can actually still get a few at a more affordable price. For instance, you can get a Renault Zoe at a starting price of 11,000,000 NGN. This is so much cheaper compared to the aforementioned Tesla Model S costing over 40,000,000 NGN. The rule of thumb is to consider your budget for which electric car is convenient for you. Other not-so-expensive electric cars include the Hyundai Ioniq, the Nissan Leaf or the Mini Cooper SE.

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Low Cost Of Maintenance

A major highlight of electric cars is that they are cheap to maintain. Unlike gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and thus are less prone to wear and tear which causes quick damage. Cumulatively, you will spend less maintaining an electric vehicle. The only drawback is that in a country like Nigeria, very few mechanics have the technical know-how required to maintain an electric car.

Since electric cars use rechargeable batteries, this means regular charging is required to keep them running. Charging is a cheaper alternative to powering your vehicle when you consider the rising cost of fuel. In fact, you not only save money on fuel with an electric vehicle, but you also reduce greenhouse emissions that are causing climate change. When buying your electric car, you need to put into perspective where you will charge the car. Home charging and public charging are good options you can take advantage of to charge your electric car. If you will rely on home charging, then your house needs to have a stable constant supply of electricity. For most electric vehicles, a full battery charge requires a minimum of 9-12 hours.

Is There Any Future For Electric Cars In Nigeria
Is There Any Future For Electric Cars In Nigeria
Electric Cars Are Relaxing To Drive

There’s that thrill one has when driving in an electric car. If you like a noiseless, relaxing and smooth ride, then you should consider buying an electric car. Electric cars are a new innovation of automobiles, hence, they are made with high-quality materials and 21st-century technology. This is why those who have used an electric car before don’t want to go back because the feeling is just different! So, you need not doubt if an electric car will give you a comfortable ride.

Electric Cars Don’t Do Well In Cold Weather

A drawback of electric vehicles is that the batteries are affected in cold weather. The lithium batteries in most pure EVs just are less efficient and less reliable in cold weather. The battery drains faster and you stand the risk of range loss. When buying an electric car, you should consider your geographical location to know if an electric car is your best bet.

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