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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Never Worked Else where



WWE has a huge roster right now and the company has signed plenty of talent from other places. There are many former Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling stars, and it is commonplace that wrestlers will develop their skills outside of WWE before being signed by Vince McMahon.

However, many wrestlers have actually been homegrown WWE stars, having never actually wrestled for another company. Whether they grew up in the wrestling industry and trained with WWE, or the company signed them from being an athlete to learn the trade on the job, certain talents have never appeared outside of the WWE bubble.

10 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair Divas Champion

The Queen, Charlotte Flair is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in the world right now, but she has never actually competed outside of WWE. She obviously came up through the ranks via her family connection to the business, which set her on a path with WWE.

She has still had to work her way up the ladder in the company, appearing in NXT for a while before becoming a top star on the main roster. However, with her partner Andrade now working in AEW and Ric Flair released from WWE, there’s a chance her future could be elsewhere.

9 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Another major star in wrestling right now is Roman Reigns, and he has also not worked for another company other than WWE. Considering he is the face of WWE right now, it is a huge credit to the training that he has gone through.

Roman has dominated in WWE from debuting with The Shield to becoming a top singles star on his own. Of course, Roman also comes from a famous family in wrestling as well, which could have led to him gaining opportunities with WWE.

8 Carmella

Carmella wins MITB

Carmella is someone who has built a fantastic career for herself in professional wrestling. Going from a valet in NXT all the way to winning the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank and holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

But WWE is the only company she has worked for to date, with Carmella dedicating her career to the company. She comes from the professional dancing world which is where she was picked up from, and Carmella hasn’t looked back since.

7 Otis


The former Heavy Machinery member is someone who has a huge amount of personality and charisma which has made him perfect for the professional world. While he did technically work for a couple of regional promotions, that was mostly as a part of his training. That was when WWE picked him up, and he has worked well for the company since that point.

Whether he has worked in the tag team division or as a singles star, Otis has always been entertaining and while he might not end up being a main event name, he is somebody that could put together a long career with the company.

6 Omos

WWE Omos

While his current tag team partner, AJ Styles, might be someone with a vast amount of experience from around the world, Omos is a homegrown star in WWE who the company has created.

He is the exact type of wrestler that Vince McMahon typically loves due to his height and strength and while he is still quite green at the moment, the early signs for him are very positive. Hopefully he will be able to capitalize on his momentum in the long-term.

5 Eva Marie

eva marie

Eva Marie is someone who often creates divisive opinions in professional wrestling. Some fans love her and the reactions that she brings out of the WWE Universe, while others don’t find her entertaining at all.

However, she has come through the ranks in WWE, going from a Total Divas star to being a member of the main roster. Even during her time away from the company, Eva didn’t work anywhere else, sticking loyally to Vince McMahon.

4 Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is someone who came from a sporting background and was signed by WWE for the potential that he had. It is fair to say that he has taken that and ran with it, as Corbin has had a terrific in-ring career with the company.

He has been heavily involved in the product from his time in NXT through to his work right now on the main roster, and he has done it all by learning on the job with WWE.

3 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler entering the ring in WWE.

Dolph Ziggler has been a consistent part of WWE’s product for over a decade now and the fact he is a homegrown star is a credit to the company. He has been one of the best talents to never work anywhere else, that WWE has ever had.

As a former World Champion and someone who has held countless other titles across his career, Ziggler has more than proven himself during his time in WWE, without ever appearing elsewhere.

2 Naomi

Naomi’s Glow Entrance

Naomi is an incredibly athletic and talented professional wrestler and clearly, WWE saw those traits without her having to work a match. That is why she was brought into the company and added to the roster.

Naomi is another wrestler with a dancing background which she had prior to becoming a professional wrestler, and it was that which helped catch WWE’s eye, convincing the promotion to sign her.

1 Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair Speaks on Smackdown

Right now, Bianca Belair is one of the top stars in the wrestling industry and she also happens to be someone that has never competed outside of WWE, being a homegrown star.

The company has done a fantastic job in booking Belair and not rushing her push, while Belair herself has obviously proven herself to be an incredible wrestler with her power and pace helping to make her a joy to watch. The sky is the limit for the EST of WWE.

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