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Many Ladies Run Away From Me – Tallest Nigerian Speaks



For a lot of us, when we were younger, one of our wishes was to be tall when we grew up. What happens when that wish comes true and not only are you tall, you’re a giant!

That’s the story of Afeez Agoro Oladimeji. Agoro is 7’4 – a giant according to scientific terminology. His height has gotten him into a number of movies, skits, and shows all over the world. But his height has also come with some consequences.

In a sit-down interview with TVC, Agoro opened up about everything from how he got this tall to what life is like when you’re this height. This is something that I find interesting because I can’t imagine what it would be like to live life over 7 ft. I hope it’s something you find interesting to. Here’s the interview with Agoro.

You’re a person that many people would be looking at and staring at everyday. Do you ever get used to that?

Yeah, definitely. When I was growing up, I used to feel shy about the height. But when people started coming around me, appreciating the height, coming to me to take pictures, to be in movies, videos, short skits, you know.

At what point did you start getting taller than the average person in your age group?

Actually I was not one of the tallest guys during my secondary school days. When we finished secondary school back in the middle 90s, I started growing tall. When I’d get sick, I’d grow tall. That is how the height started coming up. So some of my classmates that saw me five years after were like “Wow Agoro, what did you go and eat?”

So is it related to a medical condition cuz you said it’s when you get sick that you get tall?

Probably. If you check it – when I went to some hospitals here in Nigeria, they never detected anything wrong with me. It was until when I got to America that they tested me and told me that I have over-excretion of a certain hormone called giantism.

After the detection, what was the diagnosis? Was there anything they said you could do?

Actually then I had overgrown the height. They could have stopped it earlier if they had detected it at an early stage. So when I got there they couldn’t do anything to it other than give me some drugs to stabilize the system. So right now, no more growing.

What can you do in your spare time because you can’t do the same kind of recreations that other people do?

Definitely. I do play snooker. I love watching movies and listening to music.

There must be some disadvantages?

Definitely. With a height like this – if you’re 7ft, you are considered a giant. So most 7ft-ers, the problem is the legs. Growing up and you’re above 40, it’s not easy. The legs start crumbling. You feel a lot of pain. Like rheumatism, arthritis, the bones are also large so cannot probably carry the upper body. You have to go on regular exercise which is not easy.

What kind of diet do you have?

I won’t lie to you, in this Nigeria, you eat anything that comes your way. It’s only when you get abroad that you can choose your meal. I don’t eat much. Before I used to eat so big but now I’ve had to reduce it to carry my weight.

When asked about dating, Agoro said: “Many ladies run away from me as a result of my height; so finding a wife, for a long time, was tough. Now I’ve found a loved one – she’s 5’11.

Then he was asked: Do you think your kids will take on this condition?

That is up to God. It’s God that can decide if your child will be a dwarf or a giant.

Recent videos of Agoro shows him needing help from people on either side of him to support him when he walks, especially when it comes to stairs.

I hope he finds relief for his leg and body pains because he seems like a genuinely lovely fellow and it’s so sad to see that his height which is completely out of his control is getting in the way of his life like this.

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