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Fa Review After Fans Break Into Wembley For Final



The Football Association (FA) will conduct a full review after a “large number of drunken yobs” tried to force their way in to Wembley without tickets ahead of the Euro 2020 final.

Fans fought with stewards and police as they attempted to break through gates.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham apologised to legitimate fans who were affected and said the security team had “never seen anything like it”.

The Metropolitan Police said it worked with security to prevent breaches.

Mr Bullingham said he was not sure those who broke in were real fans.

“There were a large number of drunken yobs trying to force their way in, we run a stadium not a fortress,” he said.

“I have to apologise to any fans whose experience was affected and any of the team who had to cope with this.”

He said the FA would work with the police to ban anyone who had forced their way in and to prevent such an event happening again.

Downing Street has criticised those who stormed the stadium without tickets.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said: “Those scenes were unacceptable and we condemn violence, anti-social behaviour and abuse in the strongest possible terms.”

Lis Nixon, 62, from Oxfordshire, who was at the match, said it was “horrible” and “put you off going”.

She said she was pushed and crushed while queuing to get into the stadium and said once inside, there were large numbers of ticketless fans in rows and blocking exits with some people so drunk they had fallen to the ground and were just left there.

She said the stewards were “overwhelmed” and had “lost control” of the situation.

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