Euro 2020: Lowestoft’s Denmark Roadengland’s Becomes England


A street has changed from Denmark Road to England Road in celebration of England’s Euro 2020 semi-final win.

The road, home to Lowestoft Railway Station for more than 170 years, underwent a temporary name-change ahead of Tuesday’s match, won 2-1 by England.

Lowestoft Central Project said the temporary name was “much more appropriate”.

A spokesman for the community rail project said it would remain in place “a while longer” to mark the victory.

The project volunteer said the group was “surprised” by the “enormous interest” it had attracted.

“People today have been taking selfies with it,” he said.

“It’s tongue in cheek – nobody would want to offend any of our Danish friends – in fact, they probably played better.”

The spokesman said the England Road sign would be removed at some point “to avoid any confusion”, but would remain for the time being.

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