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Groom Calls Off Wedding Because Of Food, Hooks Up With Another Bride The Same Day



A man walked out on his bride on the wedding day after her family failed to serve mutton in the feast at Sukinda on Wednesday.

According to The New Indian Express, the 27-year-old groom, identified as Ramakant Patra, later married another woman of the area before returning home.

Patra, a resident of Rebanapalaspal in neighbouring Keonjhar district, reached Bandhagaon village in Sukinda block with baraatis in a procession to marry on Wednesday afternoon.

On reaching the venue, they were welcomed by the bride’s family and after necessary rituals, were taken to the dining hall for lunch.

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Before the food was served, members of the wedding party demanded mutton curry. As the same was not prepared, the baraatis entered into an argument with the bride’s family members and those serving food.

The situation turned ugly and soon blew out of proportion. When Patra came to know that mutton had not been cooked for the wedding party, he called off the marriage taking everyone by surprise.

Though the bride’s family members pleaded with him and tried to persuade him to change his mind, all their efforts went in vain as the groom left the place along with his kin.

Patra went to a relative’s house at Gandhapala village of Kuhika panchayat in Sukinda where they stayed for the rest of the day.

He later married another woman of Phulajhara in Tamka the same night before returning to Keonjhar, sources said. No complaint was lodged with the local police in this connection. Such high-handedness by grooms and their families used to be reported in the 1980s.

Also this week, a bride in the state of Uttar Pradesh reportedly refused to go through with a wedding after discovering the groom had poor eyesight.

The nuptials were apparently arranged by the families of the pair, which is common on the Indian subcontinent.

According to a report, the bride and her family became suspicious when they noticed the groom, named Shivam, was wearing glasses on the day of the wedding.

They decided to test him by asking him to read a newspaper without wearing his glasses and when it became clear he relied on them, the bride’s family called the wedding off

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