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Come And Learn Yoruba Traditional Druming and Dancing




The common instrumental platform of West African music in general of which southern Nigerian music is a part,is the rhythm. Rhythmic influence is at the heart of the music of this region, with the drum being the key instrumental driver of the traditional music of Southern Nigeria. Almost every traditional form of music in southern Nigeria has the drum as a central force. While exceptions do exist, these are few and largely found in purely vocal arrangements.

This is why at our academy we give outstanding rudiment of druming to our students, which make in order to keep them mentally strong for druming which requires energy these are the reasons why our students perform excellently in druming.

1. Talking Drum
2. Omele
3. Banda

This academy also teaches Yorubal dance such as Bata dance which is One of the types of Yoruba traditional dance, this dance is known not only for its cheerful, acrobatic style but also for the drums that accompany it.

Gese Dance
Gese is a religious dance that originated from the Yorubaland of western Nigeria and gets its name from a type of drum. Its famous sources come specifically from the towns of Okeigbo and Ifetedo in the southwest region of Nigeria. It is grounded in complex drum rhythms that only trained dancers can expertly perform in a way that truly represents the religious customs of the people. The movements represent a holistic view of life that is enshrined in the people’s religious practices. Gese dancing is also used to praise various Yoruba gods; each deity has its own drum beat that dancers move to as they honor their god.

Founder of AYANLEKE DRUMS AND CULTURAL ACADEMY known as Ayanleke Waheed has participated in several inter-state competition and has be decorated with different about for being a wonderful drumer in Yoruba land.

Venue of Training : Timi Ede Palace, Ede.Osun State.
Days : Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Time of Training : 3pm to 6pm.

+234 7038761066

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The information contained in this post is for general information purposes only. Opinion articles, comments are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of BlazeNewz while we endeavour to keep the information accurate with objectivity as we adhere to global practice of journalism. Read our full Disclaimer.

Hammed Tajudeen is the editor in-chief of Blaze News, holds Higher National Diploma(HND) in Mass Communication, graduated from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree.



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